Laura and Aladin divorce update: 90 Day Fiance viewers react to gay claims, worry about Aladin’s safety in Qatar

Laura and Aladin on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
Laura and Aladin are no longer together. Pic credit: TLC

After watching a three-day long Tunisian wedding, most 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers already know that things didn’t work out for Laura and Aladin. After a pregnancy accusation, then a “bruised eye” photo and claims that he may be gay, Laura has waged every accusation she can think of against Aladin in an apparent attempt to either get his attention or to get revenge.

What this has accomplished is that Laura has given the 90 Day Fiance crowd quite a bit of gossip to pass around as we watch her life play out on TV.

And while Laura has definitely taken the low road, calling out the thirsty women who inbox her husband and even making claims that they are still together long after they are not, she has managed to secure herself as a bigger drama queen than even Darcey.

As we attempt to keep up with the Laura and Aladin’s divorce news, the latest shots fired via Laura have quite a few The Other Way viewers worried about Aladin’s safety. After all, having multiple wives is legal in Qatar but homosexuality is not.

We all saw on the TLC series when Laura tried to bring her purple friend into the bedroom amid claims that Aladin just wasn’t too skilled in the sack. However, after the pair split up. she went a bit further.

In leaked text messages between her and a friend, Laura claims that Aladin isn’t interested in oral sex either. In fact, she claims that it grossed him out.

During the text message discussion, Laura claims that “I am sure Aladdin likes men better” before suggesting that he was using her in order to not look gay in front of his family.

Those trying to keep up with Laura and Aladin’s divorce drama have been reacting to the constant updates. But after Laura accused Aladin of being gay, many started to worry for Aladin.

“This is a very dangerous story to spread true or not due to him being a Muslim in Qatar. You all broke up, move the F on grandma,” one person wrote in the comments of the leaked conversation.

Another person wrote, “She really needs to be careful about what she says. This type of talk can get Aladin and/or herself killed.”

Even more fans of the show commented on Laura Jallali’s Instagram profile picture, which still shows herself and Aladin in it. Many think that if he really was that bad, she’d have taken that down by now.

And while we’re still trying to figure out what really happened between Laura and Aladin to cause him to ask for a divorce so soon after their lavish wedding, it’s pretty clear that most 90 Day Fiance viewers aren’t siding with Laura.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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