Latest candid shots of Kail Lowry have Teen Mom 2 viewers debating if she’s pregnant again

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry
Kail was spotted outside her Delaware home and the pics have some Teen Mom 2 viewers convinced she’s with child again. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 viewers are claiming Kail Lowry is pregnant again after recent candid photos of her surfaced.

Kail has been the target of pregnancy rumors for months now, ever since she entered into her relationship with her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott.

The 30-year-old former MTV star already shares four kids between three baby daddies. She and Jo Rivera share their 12-year-old son Isaac, she and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin share an 8-year-old son, Lincoln, and she shares Lux, 4, and Creed, 2, with Chris Lopez.

Now, Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail can add a fourth baby daddy to the list because photos of her spotted outside her home with Elijah have many thinking she’s hiding a pregnancy.

The Sun shared several candid shots of Kail photographed outside of her Delaware home she shares with Elijah and her four boys. In the snaps, Kail donned a blue t-shirt and black yoga pants as she and Elijah walked around the driveway, clearly looking bothered by the paparazzi surrounding their home.

Over on Reddit – in a share titled “Welp.. Kail definitely looks pregnant ?” – one Teen Mom 2 fan shared the pics and others weighed in on whether they felt Kail is pregnant with baby number five.

As it turns out, many of them feel Kail has just gained weight and felt the accusations were purely speculation and out of line.

Kail Lowry spotted in candid photos, Teen Mom 2 fans speculate pregnancy

“I think she’s just fat she’s been getting bigger every season,” wrote one Redditor.

Another voiced that after having four children, Kail likely just has a “mom belly.” They wrote, “Yeah I look like this after 2 kids, and she’s had 4, I don’t think she’s pregnant I think she just has a mom belly.”

Yet another Redditor agreed with the comment and called out Kail’s haters: “I’ve only had one and look like this, this kind of s**t infuriates me. I don’t like her as much as the next person but this kind of speculation (either way!) is really gross.”

teen mom 2 viewers took to reddit to comment on pics of kail lowry and whether she might be pregnant again
Pic credit: u/lovelycassy/Reddit

Echoing the sentiment, another Teen Mom 2 fan expressed, “I thought her stomach always looked like this. Not being a d**k, but she’s a bigger girl, and she’s had 4 kids. That belly doesn’t just go back.”

Kail’s ex Chris Lopez hints she’s expecting another baby

The pics come on the heels of Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, insinuating she is expecting another baby.

Taking to Twitter last week, Chris shared, then deleted, a tweet that read, “Out here talking bout you’ll beat me up now you know you gotta protect the belly stop it.”

Earlier this month, Kail addressed having more children during an episode of her Barely Famous podcast. Kail didn’t exactly give a direct answer, however: “I get this question almost daily and the answer to that is I don’t know, but I do want to get my tubes tied. So, um, I guess whatever happens first, um… I don’t really know how to answer that question. I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually.”

Further adding to speculation, Kail admitted that she isn’t sure if she wants to expand her family right now. She continued, “I think the more time that goes on, the more I just don’t want more children because I feel like I’m spreading myself so thin. And all my kids are such different ages that they all need me for different parts of their lives right now. And so, I just don’t know.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

Another Child by Another MAN JEEEEZ :O

1 year ago

Every man that comes into her life ends up being a baby daddy.Has she ever thought about birth control? She sure gets around, Maybe she should do it the right way and get married first!