Larry Myers from My 600-lb Life dead at 48

Larry Myers from My 600-lb Life
Larry passed away days after his birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Larry Myers from My 600-lb Life has died at the age of 48, over a year after he appeared on the TLC show.

The gospel singer with a love of music was also known as Buttermilk Biscuits after he went viral for singing about buttermilk biscuits at a chicken restaurant.

On January 26, 2022, TLC viewers were introduced to Larry during Season 10 of My 600-lb Life, titled Larry’s Journey.

Although Larry had already had weight loss surgery, he gained 400 pounds back and was ready to lose weight again.

Sadly, one and a half years following his appearance on My 600-lb Life, Larry has passed away.

News of Larry’s death came via a GoFundMe page set up by his family.

Larry Myers from My 600-lb Life has died

Sonya Hines-Hall, Larry’s god-sister, created the GoFundMe revealing Larry had passed away. A cause of death was not given, with Sonya focusing on celebrating his life.

After praising his musical talent since he was a child, Sonya acknowledged his struggle with weight but admitted his weight never deterred him from performing.

The message ended with Sonya revealing that the GoFundMe page was set up for funeral expenses.

Larry celebrated his 48th birthday on June 10, sharing what would be his last post on Facebook.

“God bless you five dollars will be nice for my birthday $Wo rkout1975,” was written as the caption on the post with a picture of Larry and Happy Birthday.

The Facebook post soon became a place for fans to go and express their condolences over Larry’s passing.

Larry FB comments
Larry Myers/Facebook

My 600-lb Life star Larry Myers’  journey

When he appeared on My 600-lb Life, Larry had already had weight loss surgery and excess skin removal. Larry used his experience to help others as a motivational speaker.

However, within a couple of years, Larry had gained back 400 of the initial 700 he lost to have the surgery.

“The relationship that I have with food, I know that it’s not normal. I eat to comfort myself. When I’m cooking, it’s the only time I’m happy, besides when I’m eating,” Larry shared while on My 600-lb Life.

Larry was determined to lose the weight again, this time turning to Dr. Now for help. It seemed to be working for him because he did lose 38 lbs thanks to the help of the doctor.

My 600-lb Life is currently on hiatus on TLC. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Max.

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