La Toya Jackson defends Kathy Hilton after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale

La Toya Jackson defends Kathy Hilton against Lisa Rinna's accusations.
La Toya Jackson has known Kathy Hilton for decades and defends her character. Pic credit: ©

La Toya Jackson has entered The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills group chat!

La Toya has weighed in on Kathy reportedly losing her temper and has stepped in to defend her.

In last week’s episode, Crystal Minkoff said that Kathy Hilton got upset and angry when the DJ didn’t want to play Michael Jackson at the club in Aspen.

After the finale, La Toya took to social media to defend her friend Kathy.

She shared a clip of them dancing and goofing around.

She explained that she’s known Kathy a long time and that she had never seen her lose her temper. She made it clear that she didn’t believe the allegations.

She wrote, “I’ve known @kathyhilton since grade school and I’ve never known her to have a temper tantrum and it’s simply difficult for me to believe.”

She added, “Sending love to you Kathy!”

Lisa Rinna says she will be sick

During the finale last night, Kyle Richards asked Lisa to stop mentioning her sister Kathy.

Lisa was talking about Kathy’s alleged meltdown in Aspen. She told Garcelle Beauvais that she had to lock herself in her bedroom because she was scared.

Kyle explained to Lisa that Kathy apologized and she wanted to move on. Kyle said, “I don’t want my family to get ruined. I want everyone to be at my daughter’s wedding. We have to let it go now.”

Kyle has feuded with her sister Kim Richards on the show since Season 1. It was hard to repair her relationship with her, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Kathy.

Especially knowing that she and Kathy have also spent years without talking. They have finally got into a good place and they both want to keep it this way. However, Lisa wasn’t having it.

The Rinna Beauty founder insisted that Kyle shouldn’t sweep things under the carpet.

Garcelle came to Kyle’s defense, saying, “She can if she wants to do it.”

Lisa angrily replied, “I’m not gonna take it to my grave because I’d get sick and get cancer if I didn’t express this.”

She explained that the things that Kathy said were horrible. She said she had to express herself.

Lisa added dramatically that if she didn’t release what Kathy said, “I’ll get sick and die because it’s that vile.”

The women rolled their eyes and laughed at her in their confessional. And now fans are doing the same.

RHOBH viewers comment on Lisa Rinna’s behavior

Many RHOBH viewers have taken to social media to slam Lisa and defend Kathy.

One viewer wrote, “Look, I’m kind of indebted to Kathy Hilton. That woman just wandered onto #RHOBH – confused, in slippers, not sure what time it is, like she forgot what set she needed to be on, and somehow managed to take down #LisaRinna when other women have tried for YEARS.”

Another viewer pointed out, “The fact that #LisaRinna continues to attack #KathyHilton even after watching her own behavior on TV and seeing the social media backlash of her continued bullying on the show says a lot about her character.”

They added, “Look within. Deep within.”

Lisa told Kathy that she needed help and even said she had a “Dark heart.” She repeated multiple times that Kathy should see a psychologist.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Camille Meyer even commented on Lisa’s behavior. She agreed with Garcelle when she defended Kyle. And she also thought Erika Jayne and Lisa were throwing Kathy under the bus to deflect from talking about Erika’s legal issues.

Camille wrote, “Watching LR and EJ feign concern for Kyle as they continue to throw gas on the fire. Was this their calculated plan of deflection and/or an attempt to stick it to Kyle as well? Just a thought.”

Camille Meyer defends Kathy Hilton and points out Erika Jayne's and Lisa Rinna's bad behavior.
Pic credit: @TheRealCamilleG/Twitter

Viewers are impatient to see how this will play out at the Reunion. Bravo promised the trailer will drop today.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 7/8c on Bravo.  

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