Kylie Jenner in sheer dress gets witchy in Hailey Bieber’s bathtub

Kylie Jenner enjoys some spooky season fun
Kylie Jenner gets witchy in the bathtub for the spooky season. Pic credit: © West/ACE Pictures

Kylie Jenner got super witchy as she recently jumped right into spooky season, literally. 

Kylie was captured glammed up as she enjoyed her witchy costume while she laid down in Hailey Bieber’s white, freestanding bathtub.

The two celebrities have had a long history together as they’ve been close friends for a while now. 

Both 25-year-olds have celebrated many occasions and nights out together, like numerous milestone birthdays and Hailey’s wedding.

However, it’s quite apparent that the two stars have been busy happily celebrating the month of October as they gave their fans some super spooky and witchy vibes in a recent post.

Hailey took to her Instagram as she captured the eventful night as shared it with her 48.5 million followers.

Kylie Jenner gets witchy in her sheer black dress

The 25-year-old reality tv star and make-up mogul painted herself green as she channeled the iconic The Wizard Of Oz villain the Wicked Witch of the West.

Kylie put a modern twist on the villain made famous by the classic 1939 film as she rocked a sheer black maxi dress, which fell off both sides of her shoulders.

The star let her long dark hair flow behind her as she covered her face in all-green paint with a splash of bright red across her lips.

Kylie accessorized with long black opera gloves and paired them with a black and silver spider choker necklace.

However, the star was not alone in the bathtub, as she snuggled up close to a skeleton.

In the background, bats were placed all over the wall along with cobwebs and dozens of lit candles that were placed on the shelf.

It’s apparent that Hailey and Kylie went all out for this look as the whole picture gave off a totally spooky aesthetic. As Kylie sat in the tub and smiled, she looked like she was genuinely having an amazing time.

Kylie Jenner launches a new Batman collection

In a recent video, Kylie shared some exciting news as she revealed the new Batman makeup collection by Kylie Cosmetics.

The star certainly timed the release date perfectly, as a Batman launch in October amid the spooky season only seems right.

She announced the release on Instagram, in which the launch will take place on Wednesday, October 19.

The Batman collection already seemed like a hit, as her post received 59k likes and over 200 replies from excited fans and friends in the comments.

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