Kylie Jenner fans beg her to dump Travis Scott for hard partying days after she gave birth

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner fans want her to break up with Travis Scott for partying after she gave birth. Pic credit: ©

Just two weeks after giving birth to their brand new baby boy, Wolf, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scoot, has reportedly been out on the town and partying all night long. This seemingly happened after the Super Bowl when Travis wanted to be out partying while Kylie stayed in with their newborn, and their first daughter together, Stormi.

Not only does Travis stay out all night partying, but he apparently does so with friends and a woman named Chaney James, whom people say looks just like Kylie’s older sister, Kim Kardashian.

What are fans saying about Travis Scott’s behavior and the fact that Kylie stays with him?

Fans are appalled by Travis’ behavior and all but demand that Kylie lose the guy and promptly. They just can’t seem to understand why Kylie would stay with him based on his present, and past, behaviors.

As longtime followers will recall, Travis did something very similar after their first child together, Stormi, was born. He was said to have gone out and partied until all hours of the night…again, with another woman, while Kylie was home with a newborn.

Now she is home with a newborn and a toddler, and Travis hasn’t appeared to have changed his ways or learned from the first time, which is a huge reason that fans seem to be bothered and angry with him.

Two fans on Reddit commented on the headline that Travis left Kylie alone to go partying with others. One gave a sarcastic reply, as they wrote, “This definitely says ‘I love and appreciate my brand new son and respect the woman who birthed him.’”

The other person commented, “Yep, and according to the deep dive, this is what he did after Stormi was born too (partied with another woman).”

Pic credit: @u/sinclairsays/reddit

It sounds as if Travis has repeated behaviors in this area, which is why fans are dismayed that Kylie hasn’t done anything about it.

Another person can’t believe that Kylie is even with Travis, as they wrote, “Damn he’s so unattractive, idkwtf Kylie sees in him. They all have the absolute WORST taste in men, horrible.”

Pic credit: @u/sinclairsays/reddit

This critic not only thinks Kylie is making the wrong choice by being with Travis, but she is also criticizing the men that her sisters have chosen in the past, and currently, as well.

Critics speculate the nature of Kylie’s relationship with Travis, wonder if there’s a separate arrangement

Another viewer wrote a longer response and stated, “This really cements the idea that he is just a sperm donor to Kylie. I honestly don’t think they have a regular, conventional relationship & that Kylie got pregnant very soon into their ‘fling’ that they tried to make it look like they were a real couple to the public. Then, seeing as it’s such a weirdly huge deal to the karjenners to have the same baby daddy, she just made an arrangement with him to have another kid.”

Pic credit: @u/sinclairsays/reddit

This person brings into account that, although they think the men are all wrong for the KarJenner girls, they are emphatic that their children don’t have multiple baby daddies, which is why they stay with the current men, even if that man isn’t good for them, according to fans.

It looks like Travis has a past of doing this to Kylie with Stormi and may be repeating the same behaviors with Wolf. Will Kylie listen to critics and fans and ditch Travis, or will she continue to stay with him and raise their children?

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2 years ago

“Travis Scoot” amazing typo

2 years ago

I don’t like there family but whoever said this should be ashamed of them self and don’t have nobody she not better not leave him just to party she a billionaire and a mother I think she is way past that point