Kylie Jenner braless and sprawled across her bed in a nightie

Kylie Jenner close up
Kylie Jenner leaves little to the imagination in her silk nighty. Pic credit: ©

Kylie Jenner recently revealed that her favorite social media app is TikTok but that hasn’t stopped The Kardashians star from turning up the heat over on Instagram.

Since the birth of her son, whose name we still don’t know, Kylie has been taking a back seat on social media, only sharing here and there. It’s a big difference compared to the old days when she was queen of Instagram and posted content almost constantly for her 362 million followers.

On Saturday, Kylie graced us with two now-rare photos of herself and it was definitely worth the wait. In them, the Kylie Cosmetics owner was sprawled out on her bed and she looked pretty comfortable.

In the first photo, Kylie was laid out braless in a silky nighty with her long brunette hair loose and laying under. She was laying on her side with her hips back as she leaned into her pose.

Eyes closed, Kylie looked fresh-faced and angelic in her slumber as she relaxed on top of a white down comforter.

In the second photo, the 24-year-old makeup mogul held the same pose but this time, her eyes were open and she was looking seductively back at the camera.

Kylie Jenner sleeping
Kylie Jenner sprawled out on her bed asleep. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

She captioned the photos, “rise and shine,” and they quickly racked up more than four million likes in under two hours.

Kylie Jenner awake
Kylie Jenner sprawled out on her bed, waking up. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

The Kardashians fans want to know if Kylie Jenner is pregnant again

Kylie Jenner just gave birth to her second child, a son, back in February. She still hasn’t revealed his new name yet after telling her fans months ago that he was no longer going to be called Wolf.

We also haven’t even seen the little boy’s face yet as Kylie has only teased fans with shots of his feet and legs.

That hasn’t stopped the Kar-Jenner rumor mill from churning though and the latest question to pop up is whether or not Kylie is already expecting baby number three.

It’s all due to a recent Travis Scott post and Kylie’s reaction to it. It was a photo of Travis, looking down as he leaned back against a wall outside of a building. The pregnancy speculation started because Kylie commented four pregnant emojis on it in addition to a smiley face with its tongue out.

Some Kylie Jenner fans think they figured out what she named her son

Speaking of Kylie Jenner’s son, formerly known as Wolf, some fans think they’ve figured out his new name.

It’s no secret that Kylie likes to drop clues on social media about many things and this may be no different.

This alleged clue came in a TikTok video, the place where Kylie says she prefers to post now. It was a video of herself walking and you could see her baby boy’s sweet leg and foot hanging down as she walked.

As Kylie showed off her vegetable garden, the camera panned over herbs and flowers, tomatoes and even fresh chicken eggs. Some of the garden items were labeled but only one label was visible and it said “Sage.”

Could that possibly be the name she finally chose for her baby boy with Travis Scott? We still don’t know for sure but it’s as good a guess as any at this point as The Kardashians fans continue to wait for her to make a confirmation.

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