Kylie Jenner accused of stealing designer’s ideas for Khy clothing line

Kylie Jenner selfie
Kylie Jenner is accused of stealing designs for her Khy clothing line. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner’s new clothing line, Khy, hasn’t even debuted yet and is already facing its first controversy.

The line debuts on November 1, but fashion designer Betsy Johnson has accused Kylie of using her designs for the brand — without any recognition.

Johnson took to her Instagram Stories earlier this week to call out the brand, sharing several messages and screenshots to prove her point.

Johnson first shared a screenshot of messages she received, reading, “Wait sis…why is the caption giving me products ltd concept teas. ?!!! did u think this or am I bugging.”

Then, Johnson re-shared a post from Financial Times Fashion that announced Kylie’s line, sharing the post’s caption and adding a bunch of middle-finger emojis at the bottom.

Following the Financial Times Fashion post, Johnson shared a snapshot of her student loan debt, writing, “While I stare @ my student debt. Worked my a** off for this. Like so many other working-class kids who bust their a** for expertise they weren’t born into to realise their ideas [sic].”

Betsy Johnson's Instagram Stories
Betsy Johnson’s Instagram Stories. Pic credit: @betsyjohnson_/Instagram

Betsy Johnson calls out Kylie Jenner

That wasn’t all Betsy had to say either, as it turns out that Kylie had access to the product concepts.

“We emailed Kylie and all her team @products.ltf concept and language and a line sheet 6 MONTHS AGO,” another post read. “Interesting concept Kylie:… Interesting. Thanks for the co-sign. F**k your support.”

Betsy Johnson's Instagram Stories
Betsy Johnson’s Instagram Stories. Pic credit: @betsyjohnson_/Instagram

She also called out Namilia before returning to work but came back to share more on her Story a day later.

“I know who my supporters are in and outside of fashion and I appreciate those,” Betsy wrote. “You wanna gag over lazy celeb merch Duped business models Be my guest.”

She added, “Working ppl don’t lose hope, we’re here for more than a gag collection and a bag. Long game.”

Betsy Johnson's Instagram Story
Betsy Johnson’s Instagram Story. Pic credit: @betsyjohnson_/Instagram

Did Kylie Jenner steal the fashion concepts from Betsy Johnson?

Kylie hasn’t responded to comments, so it’s hard to say where exactly she got her inspiration from.

To be fair, there are a few designs on Product LTD’s Instagram page that look similar to the look that Kylie Jenner wore for the Financial Times Fashion post.

The oversized jacket look is seen on Product LTD’s page as of September 20, where they shared their own oversized jacket look.

Not only is the oversized jacket a common theme, but the all-black jumpsuit concept is also recurring.

Since neither Kylie nor anyone from her team has commented, it’s hard to say where this idea really came from, but the similarities between Khy and Product LTD are there.

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