Kyle Richards slams claim she uses injections to get and stay slim

Kyle Richards.
RHOBH star Kyle Richards defended herself against allegations she’s using an injection to stay slim. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills personality Kyle Richards slammed claims that she’s been using injections to keep herself slim and trim.

The allegations came following a fun and friendly post made to social media by Kyle’s former RHOBH co-star Teddi Mellencamp.

Though Teddi is no longer a part of the Beverly Hills cast, she remains close to Kyle, and the post showed off the post-workout looks of Teddi, Kyle, and another couple of friends.

The ladies struck poses in front of the gym mirror, and each of their waistlines was highly enviable.

However, while the post was meant to be sentimental, with Teddi leaving an extensive and pondering caption on the post, it didn’t take long for the trolls to make their way into the comment section to accuse Kyle of using more than just her muscles to stay fit.

The allegations put Kyle on the defensive, and she stepped up to defend herself against the naysayers.

RHOBH star Kyle Richards denies using appetite-suppressing injections to keep slim figure

In the post, Kyle stood on the far right of the group and popped a hip, giving a great glimpse and her toned figure.

Donning a low-cut crop-top style sport top and dark leggings, Kyle styled her hair in braided pigtails and wore a baseball cap — an indication that she and her group got their sweat on.

In the post’s comment section, however, one particular user was quick to accuse Kyle of using Ozempic injections to suppress her appetite and keep her slim figure.

When one follower indicated Kyle was looking “skinnier than ever,” another piped in, asking what she was doing to lose weight.

Another commenter alleged Kyle used Ozempic, and Kyle wasted no time in shutting down the rumor.

“Do not spread lies,” Kyle wrote in her reply. “I’m not on Ozempic.”

Screenshot of user accusing Kyle Richards of using Ozempic.
Pic credit: @teddimellencamp/Instagram

Another commenter took aim at a portion of Teddi’s caption that claimed she and her friends helped to keep each other on track by holding one another accountable.

“Accountability or Ozempic[?] lol,” the user wrote.

Again, stepping up in her own defense, Kyle clapped back, “I am NOT on Ozempic. Never have been.”

Screenshot of user accusing Kyle Richards of using Ozempic.
Pic credit: @teddimellencamp/Instagram

What is Ozempic?

According to the medication’s website, the injection’s purpose is to help lower blood sugar by aiding the “pancreas [to] produce more insulin” and preventing the liver from “making and releasing too much sugar.”

In addition, the seemingly most striking side effect of the drug is its ability to “[slow] down food leaving [the] stomach,” leaving the user feeling fuller longer.

Teddi Mellencamp talks watching Kyle Richards and other friends ‘succeed’

Teddi has been leaning heavily into her friendships, and this most recent social media share is no different.

In the post’s caption, Teddi noted that although each of them had “different goals” and “different dreams,” they loved seeing one another succeed and reach their goals.

“That’s friendship but it’s also accountability,” she continued to explain, adding that there are times when she and her friends may want to quit on their way to meeting their goals, and having each other’s backs helps to keep them on track.

Speaking of having each other’s backs, Kyle played an integral part in Teddi’s recent health scare and melanoma diagnosis.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Kyle urged her friend to get a mole checked after she noticed it looked strange.

It turned out Kyle was right, and Teddi revealed her official melanoma diagnosis. She has since had them removed and recently showed off her new scars.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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