Kyle Richards explains why she didn’t defend her sister Kathy Hilton but RHOBH fans still don’t understand

RHOBH star Kyle Richards said her sister Kathy Hilton treated her poorly.
RHOBH star Kyle Richards said that she didn’t feel like defending her sister Kathy Hilton. Pic credit: ©

Kyle Richards stopped by her former co-star Teddi Mellencamp’s podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, to explain why she acted the way she did during the Reunion.

Many RHOBH fans have been asking why Kyle didn’t come to her sister Kathy Hilton’s defense when Lisa Rinna was coming at her. Lisa said that Kathy had a black heart and needed help, but Kyle didn’t react.

The reality star took the opportunity to set the record straight.

Kyle explained to Teddi and Tamra Judge that there is more to the story than what fans know. She said that Kathy had hurt her many times and that she couldn’t defend her.

She admitted that she doesn’t believe that just because people are your family, you must defend them blindly.

She said, “When you are hurt by somebody, it’s not always so cut and dry. I’m not subscribing to the idea that you stick with family no matter what.”

RHOBH: Kyle Richards says she was treated poorly by Kathy Hilton

The Halloween Ends star also said that it was important for her to set boundaries.

Kyle told Teddi, “Sometimes when you are treated very poorly, regardless of if it is blood or not, you have to take a step back.”

The last standing OG of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills said that some fans got where she was coming from.

Kyle further said that she didn’t want to defend her sister after hearing all the bad things she said about her nuclear family: her husband and daughters.

She said, “I just didn’t want to. Why would I?”

The reality star pointed out that she was happy her sister apologized, and that she accepted the apology. However, she couldn’t get past certain things that were reported to her.

Kyle also made sure to say that she didn’t ask Kathy to apologize.

However, RHOBH fans disagreed that Kyle didn’t ask Kathy to apologize. They took to the comment section of a Housewives’ Instagram fan page post to slam Kyle.

During the episode, Kyle told Kathy that Lisa was coming and that she could apologize since her co-stars are “trained assassins.” She insinuated that if she didn’t apologize, they would be coming after her.

RHOBH viewers question Kyle Richards’ motives

Viewers pointed out that Kyle blamed Kathy a lot in her interview, saying that she hurt her in the past. However, they felt she failed to hold Lisa Rinna to the same standard. Some said that Kyle only speaks out because the fans went after her, and she wants to maintain a good image.

One viewer said, “Someone is doing damage control & of course Teddi is there to facilitate.”

And some people also commented that Kyle might be the issue since her other sister Kim Richards had mentioned it on the show. They also pointed out that she is the common denominator in the feud between her sisters.

RHOBH fans slam OG Kyle Richards after her comments about her sister Kathy Hilton.
Pic credit: @therealhousewiveszone/Instagram

Other fans said that in public, one should stick up for one’s family and address family issues behind closed doors.

Vlogger and TV personality, Richie Skye took to the comment section and shared his opinion at length. He first pointed out that Kyle’s logic didn’t make any sense because of what happened between her and her sister Kim.

He said he didn’t understand why she would want another sister on the show, seeing that they already had a volatile relationship. And it’s not like Kathy needed to work.

He also pointed out that Kyle said that her co-stars didn’t stand up to Kathy out of fear of the fans. He wrote, “Also, Kyle saying that the other women didn’t say anything because Kathy is liked by the audience is something she sees through is RICH(ards) considering she’s sat by plenty of times when Erika or Rinna have raged on someone.”

comments by dj rickie skye on IG
Pic credit: @therealhousewiveszone/Instagram

Many fans have voiced the same opinion, saying that they don’t understand Kyle. They are not denying that Kathy hurt her, but asking why she chose to have her on the show. And also, viewers are mad that she didn’t hold Lisa or Erika Jayne to the same standard. After all, Kyle did say that Erika broke her trust.

Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, also spoke out recently and said that viewers didn’t have the same story. They are alluding to mistreatment and letting the fans’ imaginations run wild.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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