Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah calls out RHOBH fans’ loyalty

RHOBH star Kyle Richards' daughter speaks on Kyle's feud with her sister Kathy Hilton.
RHOBH star Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah Aldjufrie reveals where she stands with her cousin Paris Hilton. Pic credit: @farrahbritt/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills daughters are getting involved!

Farrah Aldjufrie recently spoke out publicly for the first time about the feud between her mother, Kyle Richards, and her aunt Kathy Hilton.

The OG’s eldest daughter said that she usually doesn’t get involved in the drama because she doesn’t want it to affect her relationship with her cousins.

She said that in the past, she even told her mother to not pay attention to the critics and that it didn’t matter what strangers thought of their family.

However, Farrah admitted that this season of RHOBH was particularly hard to watch. And she said it was even harder for her to remain silent.

She explained that her mother was beloved for many seasons of the show, and she was shocked to see how quickly the fans turned on her.

She said, “And it does bother me that she gave so much for all those years and was loved and beloved. But people, this audience, is so fickle.”

RHOBH: Kyle Richards’ daughter says the fans turned on her mother

Farrah said, “Before I would just be like, ‘Mom, who cares what anyone says? Like whatever.’”

Kyle’s eldest daughter explained that when she saw how much backlash her mother was getting, she wanted to jump in and tell the critics about the things they don’t know. She said if they knew the backstory, they wouldn’t be so hard on her mother.

She said, “This last season of her show, I was very worked up. I wanted to respond and just be like, ‘You don’t know everything, like, you just don’t know.’”

The reality star said that at the end of the day, some fans chose to see what they want to see. And if they love one cast member, then that cast member can’t do anything wrong in their eyes.

She then questioned The RHOBH fans who had liked her mother in the past and now don’t. Farrah said, “If they turn on you, then there’s nothing you can do right, and that part is like, where’s the loyalty?”

RHOBH: Farrah Aldjufrie wants to protect her relationship with Paris Hilton

During Farrah’s appearance on the No Filter with Zack Peter podcast, she revealed that she is very close to her cousin, Kathy’s daughter, Paris Hilton.

She said that the two don’t discuss their mothers’ relationships and don’t comment on their falling outs.

She explained that if they were to fall into that trap it would be a web nearly impossible to untangle, as they would both want to defend their respective moms.

The Buying Beverly Hills star said, “We’re both very defensive of our moms, but we’re also extremely, extremely close. If we let that interrupt our dynamic, it would be just too painful, really, and too hard to untangle.”

While the season aired, Paris liked some tweets on social media that said that her aunt, Kyle was unkind. She also sent some subtle messages that made it clear that she didn’t agree with the way Kyle treated her mother.

However, Farrah has hope that things will resolve soon. She just got engaged while filming her new Netflix show, and the wedding might bring the family together. During the reunion, Kyle said it was important that both her sisters attend her firstborn’s nuptials.

The family recently came together, to celebrate Kim Richards’ eldest daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn.

Brooke was having a baby shower for her third baby and all the cousins showed up. Kyle, Kathy and Kim were also present.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus and will come back next year to Bravo.

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1 year ago

People have seen how much Kyle has caused trouble this season more than ever .. she always starts the arguments then smirks when she says it.. she’s sneaky .. she doesn’t like it when it’s turned on her .. why doesn’t she ever defend her family against the other women .. she wouldn’t name rhinna or Erika as the ones who hurt her .. that’s because they have stuff on her .. she’s so false it’s untrue .. she’s used her friends and when she finds something better she kicks them to the curb.. she deserves all the backlash she gets end off!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Lizzie

Utter nonsense. Thanks for proving Farrah’s point.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lizzie

That’s absolutely right. I used to like Kyle until her fiasco with Lisa Vanderpump and I saw how Kyle orchestrated the whole thing so she could be the queen bee of the show. Just rewatch the episodes and look at the smirks and sneers coming from her.