Kyle Richards calls Andy Cohen’s questioning of Erika Jayne ‘relentless’ during RHOBH reunion

RHOBH: Kyle Richards blasts Andy Cohen over Erika Jayne questioning at Season 11 reunion.
Kyle declared the Season 11 reunion was the hardest on Erika. Pic credit: Bravo

Kyle Richards calls Andy Cohen’s questioning of Erika Jayne relentless during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 reunion show.

There is no question Erika’s legal struggles with ex Tom Girardi have plagued the current season of RHOBH. After the reunion was filmed, host Andy Cohen declared Erika answered all the questions he asked about her financial situation and divorce.

The trailer features many shocking moments, crying, breakdowns, and Andy letting Erika know he’s putting her on a skewer. According to Kyle, the host was true to his word firing off questions and accusations at Erika.

Kyle Richards calls Andy Cohen’s questioning of Erika Jayne relentless

Earlier this week, Crystal Kung Minkoff called Erika’s reunion questioning explosive. Now Kyle has weighed in on the hot topic ahead of part one of the reunion.

“I was like, ‘My God, this is relentless,'” Kyle shared during an interview with US Weekly to promote her new partnership with Lumenis.

Even though Kyle thought the line of questioning was harsh and nonstop, she does understand why Andy went about it that way.

“He has a hard job. He knows the audience is expecting these questions and expecting answers. And I know it was hard for him. I mean, my makeup artist, who was there, she was like, ‘I was feeling so bad for Erika. Oh, my God. That was like a nightmare for her.’ And, like, he has to ask these questions,” Kyle expressed to the magazine.

Kyle talks The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aftermath

It’s never easy to film a reunion show, even under the best of circumstances. The process takes hours, and rehashing the drama becomes draining for the cast.

The RHOBH was even more challenging and exhausting, thanks to Andy’s questioning.

“We couldn’t get out of bed for a day or two. Erika probably couldn’t for two weeks. It was very, very difficult for her. It’s never easy for anybody, but she was, for sure, the person that had the hardest time in this reunion. Absolutely,” Kyle explained.

There is one good thing about Andy’s line of question towards Erika. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers will better understand everything going on with Erika’s problems by the end of the four-part reunion.

Kyle Richards thinks Andy Cohen relentlessly fired questions at Erika Jayne during the Season 11 reunion show. The claim comes as production for RHOBH Season 12 is reportedly starting early because of the Erika drama.

Who’s ready for an explosive reunion show?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7 on Bravo.

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