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Krystal Nielson shows off her post-baby booty, offers advice on how to get back your glutes

Krystal Nielson
Krystal Nielson shows off her booty. Pic credit: ABC

Krystal Nielson made her Bachelor Nation debut on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor.

While she left without Arie’s final rose, her confidence and whispery voice rubbed people the wrong way, including some of the other women on Arie’s season and some Bachelor Nation fans.

The Bachelor Nation alum finally found love outside of the Bachelor franchise and is currently with her boyfriend, Miles Bowles. The two have a child together, a little girl named Andara who just turned one.

Krystal Nielson shows off her glutes and booty in a video on Instagram

As a fitness coach, keeping her body in shape is a must, and she revealed her booty and glutes in a pre-pregnancy picture and one just a few weeks ago, almost a year after having her baby.

Krystal posted the video that showed her wearing swimwear with thong bottoms to show off her booty and glutes.

Krystal wrote “Show Yourself Before the Pandemic Hit vs. Now” on the video and she captioned it with a long message that started with, “And I had a baby. So let’s talk about glutes post-pregnancy … Or, really, WHERE do they go?!!”

She went on to talk about how she kind of neglected her glutes when she was recovering from having a baby because she felt like there were so many other things to do and that she had going on.

Krystal gave information, tips, and tricks for new moms to get their glutes and booties back after having babies

Krystal discussed how one of the main reasons for this is that most new moms are sitting often, especially if they are breastfeeding. She also said that “jutting your hips forward while holding baby – which flatten and de-activate your glutes.”

She went on to state, “Our Glutes play an important role in functional movements like walking and lifting and [are] definitely a muscle group (x3) you want to target when looking to strengthen a weak core and lower back.”

Krystal said that when she brought working on her glutes back to the forefront of her mind and exercising, she decided to switch up her training and routine. She is now focusing more on “supporting muscle growth and repair (from heavy lifting).”

She also stated that she would give more exercise, nutrition, and training tips below, and as a fitness trainer and guru, she would be happy to help anyone who had questions or wanted more info.

While glutes and women’s booties can sag and disappear post-partum, there are exercises and things that you can do to bring that booty and those glutes back, according to this Bachelor Nation alum.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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