Krystal Kelly Murphy on Below Deck: Who is the investment banker from Fairfield, CT?

Krystal Kelly Murphy is an investment banker who guest starred on Below Deck.
One of Below Deck’s most infamous guests is Krystal Kelly Murphy. Pic Credit: Bravo

Krystal Kelly Murphy appeared on Below Deck in the last two episodes of Season 6. The Fairfield, Connecticut investment banker boarded the yacht with several girlfriends to celebrate her birthday.

Chief steward Kate Chastain assumed the ladies would be easy final guests that simply drank too much wine and wore caftans. She could not have been more wrong.

Krystal’s actions have made her an infamous guest on Below Deck. She was a pain from the get-go with her excessive drinking and crazy demands.

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A fight with her friend Chelsea brought fans the first-ever guest blowout on Below Deck. The battle was small potatoes compared to Krystal falling asleep at dinner, wrapped in a blanket, and her friends leaving her there. Later, one pal came back to talk to Krystal and got punched in the face.

Eventually, the drunk woman emerged from her blanket cocoon and went to bed, waking up the next morning as if none of the crazy antics occurred. Kate deemed Krystal a “spoiled brat,” which she was the entire rest of the trip. She did nothing but complain and make ridiculous childlike demands.

There is no question that Krystal made quite the impression on the Below Deck crew and fans. It has to make one wonder what her family, friends, and colleagues thought of the episode.


Based on her LinkedIn Profile, Krystal has worked as an assistant vice president at HJ Sims Financial Services in Fairfield, Connecticut, for four years. There is no description under the job, so it is unclear exactly what she does for the company.

Before starting at HJ Sims, she worked at Enlivant, Alvarez & Marsal, and Searchlight Capital Partners. Krystal graduated from Cornell University in 2010.

Along with being on LinkedIn, Krystal is also on Instagram. However, her account is set to private. Only those she accepts can follow her.

Kate Chastain's Problem With Passed Out Guests | Below Deck After Show (S6 Ep15) Part 1 | Bravo

Earlier this year, after the Season 6 finale, the rumor mill was buzzing that Krystal was dating former Below Deck star and deckhand Ross Inia. He skirted the question at the reunion show, leaving fans to believe they were an item. Days later, though, he used Instagram to squash any romantic speculation between the two.

Krystal Kelly Murphy will forever be known as the “spoiled brat” of Below Deck. The actions of her and her pals are some of the most horrendous and outlandish in the Bravo shows history.

What are your thoughts on Krystal?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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nunya annoying
nunya annoying
3 years ago

This pretentious mean lesbian drama is embarrassing to the gay community. I would’ve let her fall overboard & not cared. The rest of her L-posse… Were gut wrenching make me sick A**kissing weak fools with NO backbones nor personality… Except the the one who ‘Took’ the punch for everyone else. Maybe, you should have presented the b***h child with her “PARTICIPATION” TROPHY BEGORE THEY BOARDED.

1 year ago
Reply to  nunya annoying

the gay community is embarrassing to itself but Krystal WAS a mean spirited self-entitled snot nosed b*tch ROFLMAO!