Kristina on Bachelor In Paradise is welcomed back to expose Blake Horstmann

Kristina and Blake
Kristina and Blake hooked up before Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Kristina was a name that came up a few times before the first hour of Bachelor In Paradise was over. But before the premiere wrapped up, Kristina walked on to the beach and she was ready to confront Blake Horstmann over their previous relationship.

To rewind, Blake appears to be sleeping around. During the episode, Caelynn revealed that she had hooked up with Blake at the Stage Coach Festival.

She then reveals that he told her that he just wanted her to know that he had slept with Kristina the night before. During that same night, he was with Caelynn, he reportedly rolled over and started DMing Hannah G about seeing one another before Bachelor In Paradise.

But it doesn’t end there – he told Caelynn that no one could know about them hooking up. She was his little secret. But that appears to backfire on Bachelor In Paradise.

When Kristina walks in, Blake appears less than thrilled as he currently has to deal with Caelynn, Hannah G, and Tayshia – the woman he went on a date with during the first night of filming Bachelor In Paradise.

But Kristina is there with a mission, as she knows about him hooking up with Caelynn.

She uses her date card to ask Blake out on a date, and she’s ready to confront him about what happened between them. When Blake is asked about his relationship with Kristina, he says “sex” when he meant to say they dated “six” or seven months ago.

Even Bachelor Nation alums couldn’t help but making fun of Blake on social media, as he kept seeing women walk onto the beach that he had slept with previously.

The confrontation didn’t happen during tonight’s premiere, but it surely won’t take long for Caelynn to share her story and for Hannah to open up about her past with Blake.

As the preview reveals, Blake will break down in tears talking to Caelynn about keeping her a secret and hinting she was a mistake.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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