Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian pose in teeny bikinis as they enjoy island life after Kim’s 40th birthday

kim kardashian poses in bikini during 40th birthday trip
Kim Kardashian poses in a bikini during her recent 40th birthday party/vacation. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The Kardashian sisters continue to gain attention on social media as Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe showed off an image together from Kim’s recent birthday celebration.

The particular photo, which shows all three sisters posing on an island in their bikinis, drew its fair share of criticism from fans, though.

The fan backlash arrives as Kim’s far-from-modest 40th birthday party has been under the spotlight as the coronavirus pandemic continues in the United States and elsewhere.

Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe enjoy island vacation

Reports arrived about a week or so ago that Kim Kardashian was planning a highly-secretive island trip with close family and friends.

At the time, it was unknown where Kim K was taking everyone. Even her “guests” were out of the loop until they boarded a plane and ultimately arrived at a destination.

That destination ended up being the tropical paradise Tahiti, and Kim K posted more than a few highlights of her birthday celebration to her Instagram.

Among her IG posts was the recent photo (below), which shows Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney standing together and showing off their bikinis.

“Girls just wanna have sun,” Kim joked with her caption, as a play on words of the classic Cyndi Lauper song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

The photo, which arrives about a week after Kim’s official birthday, has gone on to receive nearly five million Likes for the KUWTK stars. Many of those may be huge fans.

Some might be jealous the Kardashian sisters could vacation like this during the world’s current situation.

kourtney kim khloe kardashian pose teeny bikinis for-kims 40th birthday
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The photo arrives not long after a report surfaced that Khloe Kardashian battled COVID-19 earlier this year. However, that particular situation from her life was kept secret from fans ahead of the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In addition, there are rumors that Kourtney may have reunited with Scott Disick, based on recent images they shared of their time together during Kim’s celebration.

Kim has recently made headlines not only for husband Kanye West’s comments concerning the 2020 election but also for her extravagant birthday party.

Backlash arrives on Kim K’s photo about her party

While Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person who has gone on a trip in the past weeks, months, or year, her showing off during the pandemic has rubbed many people the wrong way.

That includes many commenters stopping by the photo of Kim shared of herself and her in their bikinis.

You bragged for renting an island while pandemic engulfs USA & so many are jobless & about to be evicted. You materialistic hack. READ THE ROOM,” a commenter said, receiving over 2,000 Likes for what they had to say.

“Ok so you have the $ to rent an entire island ? nice but seriously ? most of the general population in this country are suffering,” another commenter said.

“Lmao and people just wanna see their families but can’t cause of the pandemic but ok girl flaunt your wealth,” yet another commenter said.

Several others echoed those sentiments, while at least one mentioned that Kylie Jenner was noticeably absent from Kim’s celebration.

Kim mentioned in a previous Instagram post that she asked everyone going on her trip to quarantine for two weeks, and there were also “multiple health screens” involved.

Earlier this month, it was revealed Kanye West had his own battle with COVID-19.

Some of Kim’s trip footage may go beyond her social media posts and pop up on future KUWTK episodes. The series is heading towards its grand finale after 20 seasons, with the final episode slated for sometime in 2021.

One has to think there are more than a few highlights that will make for good reality TV!

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