Kourtney Kardashian chows down on Super Bowl snacks

Kourtney Kardashian close up
Kourtney Kardashian used the Super Bowl as the perfect excuse to advertise Lemme DeBloat gummies. Pic credit: ©

Kourtney Kardashian got into the football spirit over the weekend as she enjoyed the Super Bowl, where Rihanna performed during the halftime show, and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

She appeared to be partaking in the snacks more than watching the game, and really who can blame her? Super Bowl snacks are as important to the day as a perfect performance from the chosen halftime show artist.

The Kardashians star wore a large black hoodie as she stretched out her bare legs over the couch, revealing how long and lean they looked.

Her sleek black bob was parted in the middle and looked healthier than ever, while her makeup included bronzed eyeshadow and pink lipgloss.

Kourtney’s table looked absolutely delectable with football-shaped cookies, pizza, pretzels, chips, and cheese puffs, though they were most likely a vegan, gluten-free version as the reality star is known for her healthy approach to eating.

Of course, the picture wasn’t all about Super Bowl snacks but was to advertise her Lemme vitamin and supplement brand.

She shared a picture of the Lemme DeBloat gummies, which include a probiotic and prebiotic blend to aid in digestion. They cost $30 for a container of 60 or can be bought as part of the Lifestyle Bundle or Essentials Bundle.

Kourtney Kardashian’s vitamin brand Lemme recently launched Lemme Purr gummies

Lemme recently launched the new Lemme Purr gummies that promote vaginal health.

The site says of the Lemme Purr gummies: “Clinically-studied SNZ 1969™ probiotics specifically target vaginal microbiome health and pH levels to support freshness and odor. Plus, we added Vitamin C for antioxidant and pro-collagen benefits and real Pineapple extract.”

Kourtney advertised the new gummies on the Lemme Instagram page with a picture of her laying down in front of a purple background and wearing a black dress.

A cat was hilariously Photoshopped in as she turned around and smiled at it, but it definitely got the point across.

Other products from the Lemme range include the Lemme Matcha, which is the best-selling product on the website as well as Lemme Focus, Lemme Chill, and Lemme Sleep. They also sell two different kinds of oils: Lemme Fall in Love, and Lemme Sea.

Items can be bought in bundles like the 24/7, Lifestyle, and Essentials Bundle for $80, which saves you $10 on the three products.

Kourtney runs the lifestyle website POOSH

As for her other ventures outside The Kardashians reality show, Kourtney also runs the lifestyle website POOSH which includes several types of articles from lifestyle and love to entertainment and wellness.

Recent articles include How to be Better at Dating, a recipe for a Libido Boosting and Skin-Glowing Smoothie, and 10 Simple Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself.

The Kardashians is currently on hiatus, but episodes can still be streamed on Hulu.

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