Kody Brown thinks his ex-wife Christine has some ‘terrible karma’ coming her way

Kody thinks that Christine has some deserving fate coming her way. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Kody Brown says his ex-wife, Christine Brown, is facing a dreadful fate.

When Christine divorced Kody in 2021, her departure made a huge impact on the Brown family.

Not only did Christine’s departure turn Kody’s world upside down, but it permanently altered the way the Brown family would function from there on out.

Kody has placed most of the blame on Christine, and in Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, the father of 18 said that, in most senses, divorce is a “civil war.”

During a confessional, Kody revealed that he feels like Christine is “feeding flames in a civil war, and I think she’s got some terrible karma coming.”

Kody’s confession came after some of his older kids, namely Gwendlyn and Garrison, called out Robyn during a dinner with Christine, Janelle, Savanah, and Gabe.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown says having a favorite wife is about loyalty

Kody’s comments about his family made it crystal clear that he won’t stand for anyone – family or not – talking badly about his “favorite” wife.

Earlier in the episode, Kody brought up the topic of favoritism among his wives after Janelle, Christine, and Meri expressed that having a favorite wife never works in a polygamous marriage.

According to Kody, in plural marriage, if a man has a favorite wife, “it really has to do with loyalty.”

His confession leads us to believe that he’s hinting that Robyn has been the only wife who has shown loyalty to him.

“If you don’t feel loyalty to a wife, she’s Teflon… you’re gonna struggle with her,” Kody admitted.

As far as Kody’s comments about some misfortune coming Christine’s way, so far, he’s been dead wrong.

It wasn’t long after Season 18 was filmed that Christine found the love of her life.

Christine met David Woolley on a dating site shortly after leaving Kody and moving back to Utah, and they instantly hit it off.

After several months of keeping their romance under wraps, Christine and David went public with their relationship earlier this year, and soon after, announced they were engaged.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine married her “King” last weekend in a lovely outdoor ceremony in Moab, Utah.

The couple purchased a home together in Utah and are now enjoying the newlywed phase of their marriage, just one week after becoming husband and wife, proving that so far, anyway, karma has been kind to Christine.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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8 months ago

Karma has already hit you . They all left YOU not thee other way around!!

8 months ago

I’m impressed they lasted this long as a family. Holy cow 4 women and one guy? 4 women let alone a guy. I’ve never known more than two women to get along with each other especially in close quarters. I feel bad for the kids. They will naturally be closer to their biological mother than the other women. But 18 kids and one dad from 4 women? How the heck would he have time for all those kids? What does he do for a living? Talk about drama and chaos. As much as I like the idea of loving on more than one woman the daily drama this would create would be a giant deterrent for me. But I have never been a guy with my act together. Even if all the women were intelligent and independent. Probably especially if the women were intelligent and independent. I don’t know how the one wife I have puts up with me.