Kody Brown thinks he and Janelle can ‘negotiate’ a marriage reconciliation: ‘We can work through this’

Janelle and Kody Brown Season 18 confessionals
Will Kody and Janelle reconcile following last year’s split? Pic credit: Discovery+

Despite announcing his separation from Janelle Brown last year, Sister Wives star Kody Brown says he’s willing to work on reconciling their broken marriage.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kody and Janelle dropped a bomb during Part 3 of the Season 17 Sister Wives Tell All when they revealed they had gone their separate ways after 29 years of spiritual marriage.

Janelle was the second of Kody’s four wives to leave, following in Christine’s footsteps, who kicked Kody to the curb in 2021. Meri Brown followed suit in 2023, announcing that she and Kody had decided to end their 33-year marriage.

The tension in Kody and Janelle’s marriage played out in recent seasons of Sister Wives and came to a head last season. Kody’s disappointment with his and Janelle’s sons regarding their unwillingness to obey his COVID-19 protocols became a major factor in their split.

Previews from Season 18 of Sister Wives also clued us into more trouble in their marriage, as an explosive argument ensued between them, ending with Janelle sending Kody out of her apartment with a “F**k you!”

Now, Kody says that he wants to smooth things over with his second ex-wife because he doesn’t feel the reasons for their split were warranted.

Kody Brown thinks he and Janelle can ‘work through’ their split

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the father of 18 admitted that he’s “very interested” in a second chance with Janelle.

“I’m still looking for reconciliation with Janelle. I won’t say she’s been wishy-washy about the departure,” Kody confessed to the outlet.

“But I keep thinking, ‘This isn’t a reason for us to break up. We can work through this. We can find trust again and negotiate an agreement on that trust if we’ll just work on it,'” Kody added.

Kody admitted that even if he and Janelle kiss and make up, it’s going to be an adjustment “because how it was working for us didn’t seem like it was quite right.”

“It wasn’t whole,” Kody continued. “It’s been a dark time, but I’m moving forward.”

Is Janelle open to reconciling with Kody?

So, how does Janelle feel about ironing out her marital issues with Kody? The 54-year-old TLC star told PEOPLE that she doesn’t regret entering into a plural marriage because the experience “gave her” the life that she has now.

“We’re all settling into the new path,” Janelle said. “There’s only possibilities in front of us.”

Kody and Janelle share six biological children — Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah — and become husband and wife in 1993.

When Janelle and Kody spiritually wed, she became his second wife, joining Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife. One year later, Christine entered the mix, and it wasn’t for another 16 years before Robyn joined the plural marriage.

These days, Kody and Robyn are the only spouses in their once-polygamous union after Christine, Janelle, and Meri all hit the road. Though Robyn has shed tears over the fact she won’t have her sister wives to join her in her golden years in rocking chairs on their front porches, many Sister Wives viewers think she got exactly what she has been plotting from the start: Kody all to herself.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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