Kody Brown teases ‘becoming a monogamist’ in upcoming season of Sister Wives

Kody Brown films Season 17 Tell All
Kody sits down with Sukanya Krishnan to film the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All. Pic credit: @TLC/YouTube

Kody Brown may have just confirmed that Sister Wives will indeed return for Season 18.

After months of speculation, TLC has yet to confirm nor deny another season of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives viewers have been anxiously awaiting an announcement from the network, especially since a new season would look a lot different than what they’re used to.

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Season 17 saw the demise of Kody and Christine Brown’s nearly 30-year marriage, and the Tell All revealed that Kody and Janelle Brown had split. Not long after Season 17 wrapped, Kody and Meri Brown announced the termination of their marriage as well.

Will all of the questions surrounding the possibility of a Season 18 airing on TLC, it seems that Kody just let the cat out of the bag and confirmed what a lot of Sister Wives viewers have suspected for quite some time.

A TikTok user recently shared a Cameo video that Kody recorded for a fan. In the video, Kody gave away some spoilers.

Kody Brown hints at ‘becoming a monogamist’ in a possible 18th season of Sister Wives

After wishing his fan well for their special occasion, Kody added, “I hope your lives are great, and I hope you enjoy the next season of Sister Wives, where it looks like I’m gonna become a monogamist.”

Kody laughed loudly before adding, “Anyway, I hope that’s not a spoiler. Lots of love and lots of peace from Kody Brown.”

In the comments section, Sister Wives viewers sounded off, many of them voicing that Kody has already been living as a monogamist with his fourth and “favorite” wife, Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives viewers react to Kody ‘becoming a monogamist’

“Who’s he kidding?” asked one TikTok commenter. “He’s been a monogamist for years.”

Another rhetorically asked, “But didnt we [watch] him become a monogamist for the past 10-12 years???”

sister wives viewers comment on tiktok about kody brown becoming a monogamist on a new season
Sister Wives viewers react to Kody Brown saying he’s going to “become” a monogamist. Pic credit: @mrskickstand/TikTok

One Sister Wives viewer pointed out that during an episode from Season 1 of Sister Wives, Kody made it clear that he wanted to be a monogamist. In Episode 4, Christine gave birth to her and Kody’s youngest daughter, Truely, and many viewers felt that Kody dedicated too much time to Robyn while Christine was in labor.

Voicing what many Sister Wives viewers have already expressed, another TikTok commenter noted they wouldn’t be watching the show if it revolves around Kody and Robyn’s relationship.

Kody and his wives once advocated for polygamy

Although Sister Wives set out to educate viewers about the pros of plural marriage in its early seasons, the most recent seasons have done just the opposite.

With Christine, Janelle, and Meri out of the picture, Kody and Robyn are the last two spouses standing in their once-polygamous marriage. Many of Kody and Robyn’s critics feel this was their plan all along.

Kody has denounced polygamy in recent months, and it appears that he and Robyn are living a quiet, monogamous life together with their five children.

If Sister Wives is returning for another season, one question remains unanswered: will the entire Brown family be featured once again, or will there be a spinoff focusing on Christine’s new life as a monogamist herself with her boyfriend, David Woolley?

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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