Kody Brown ‘stressed’ that Robyn will leave him — Here’s how Robyn Brown made it all about herself

Will Robyn follow in her former sister wives’ footsteps and leave Kody? Pic credit: Discovery+

Robyn Brown admits that it’s been tough watching her husband, Kody Brown, deal with the aftermath of losing multiple wives.

So stressful, in fact, that the Sister Wives star believes that Kody is worried about her following suit and kicking him to the curb.

Sister Wives fans know that Christine and Kody split in 2021, followed by Janelle and Kody in 2022, and Meri and Kody in 2023.

That leaves Robyn, 44, as the sole wife to Kody, 54, making them monogamists who are navigating Kody’s three divorces.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Robyn opened up about the toll it’s taken on her and Kody’s marriage, and she thinks that because she’s a woman, Kody is suspicious of her making a move like Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

Robyn told the publication that Kody has been “self-sabotaging” their marriage and looking at her “sideways” because she’s a woman.

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown says Kody Brown is worried she’ll leave him like Christine, Janelle, and Meri

Robyn said that because there are “women in his life that [Kody is] struggling with,” he’s questioning her based on her gender.

“For him, he’s straight, so he questions the opposite sex,” the mom of five shared. “So it’s this kind of huge upheaval in the way that you think about yourself and others.”

Robyn also revealed that she and Kody have been arguing for the past couple of years, likely because Kody is worried that he’ll lose his last wife standing.

“But it’s been a couple of years of this and then picking fights and then just acting like he’s … almost like he’s stressed out that I’ll leave him too or something,” the TLC star added.

Despite Kody’s suspicions that Robyn is going to fly the coop, she claims she isn’t going anywhere.

Robyn is holding onto hope and sticking by Kody’s side

“I’m not going anywhere,” Robyn told PEOPLE. “We’re sticking this out. We’re figuring this out.”

The notion of not going anywhere despite a tumultuous marriage sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Sister Wives fans will remember that Meri continually said the same thing for years, but we all know how that ended — eventually, Meri terminated her 33-year marriage to Kody.

Although Kody is trying to make sense of being divorced by three women, Robyn thinks that her husband might be having similar thoughts and might consider kicking her to the curb.

Admittedly, Kody’s multiple divorces have been “hard” on his relationship with Robyn, as she told PEOPLE, and it’s caused her to start double-guessing herself.

“It’s been really hard on our relationship because I think when you’re going through a divorce, you start questioning yourself,” said Robyn. “I don’t think anybody should be married while they’re going through a divorce.”

Robyn says she’s ‘mourning’ and ‘grieving’ the loss of her sister wives

This season on Sister Wives, Robyn admitted that she was scared about Kody having thoughts of leaving her, something she admitted would “absolutely devastate” her.

One of Kody’s confessionals aligned with Robyn’s feelings, as he admitted that his last wife is “feeling the ultimate rejection.”

For her part, Robyn confessed that she’s been suffering right along with Kody, telling TLC’s cameras, “I’m dealing with some depression and some mourning, some loss and grieving. And it’s a very difficult, heartbreaking situation.”

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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