Kody Brown says he and Robyn have never been ‘allowed’ to expose their love for each other

Kody and Robyn feel they have to keep their love hidden from the family. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown isn’t happy about keeping his love affair with Robyn out of plain sight.

The Sister Wives star blames his broken relationships with his other wives for having to keep his and Robyn’s love story hidden.

Before Christine, Janelle, and Meri flew the coop, Kody was juggling four wives.

During that time, Kody had to shy away from flaunting any type of romance with his wives in front of the others to avoid jealousy issues — and that was especially true when it came to him and Robyn.

In fact, during Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody admitted that it’s not a “safe place” for him and Robyn to be in.

While visiting Meri’s Flagstaff home to discuss her big business move to Utah, Kody felt a little bit slighted when he didn’t receive a warm welcome.

Sister Wives confession: Kody Brown says he and Robyn are not in a ‘safe place’ to express their love for each other

“It’s really awkward because the only wife I have a relationship with right now is Robyn,” Kody confessed. “But we’ve never been allowed to, essentially, be in love with each other or find solace in each other because [of] this kind of quasi-plural marriage mess that’s been going on.”

“And now, everybody else is leaving, everybody else is gone,” Kody continued. “We’re having these struggles with everybody else, but we still don’t feel like we can expose our place of solace, our love for each other in any way. This is not a safe place for us.”

In plural marriages, it’s not uncommon for the husband to refrain from showing affection to a wife if the other wives are present to avoid jealousy and favoritism.

As Kody confessed on Sunday night, he and his wives were never able to show affection in front of each other, so they’ve chosen to be a little bit more reserved when it comes to getting lovey-dovey when they aren’t behind closed doors.

Kody and his wives agreed not to show PDA in front of each other

Although Kody and his wives have claimed over the years that they agreed not to pack on the PDA in front of each other, Sister Wives viewers have watched Kody and Robyn get affectionate in front of the other wives on quite a few occasions.

During Robyn and Kody’s visit to Meri’s house, Kody admitted that Robyn keeps her distance when he’s around Meri. That’s because Kody claims that Robyn is “very sensitive to what other people see,” so in order not to make Meri feel uncomfortable or jealous — since Kody said he and Meri don’t really have a marriage anymore — she didn’t greet Kody with any physical affection.

Meri chimed in on the topic during her confessional and revealed that she isn’t bothered by Kody showing affection to his other wives as long as she and him are in a good place.

“When you don’t have a really good relationship with [Kody], and you’re feeling a little bit more insecure, it’s gonna be hard to see him being all PDA with somebody else,” Meri confessed.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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