Kody Brown put on blast for showering his and Robyn’s kids with expensive gifts while ignoring Janelle’s kids

Kody didn’t bother to visit his and Janelle’s kids for Christmas. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christmas 2022 was a memorable one for Kody and Robyn Brown‘s kids, but Sister Wives viewers think Janelle Brown’s kids got the raw end of the deal.

Sunday night’s episode saw the Browns celebrate Christmas separately for the first time after years of gathering under the same roof to open presents and enjoy each other’s company.

Christmas looked a lot different, with Christine Brown out of the picture and hot on the heels of Kody and Janelle’s big blowup.

Meri headed over to Robyn and Kody’s house to celebrate with their five kids, while Janelle and Christine rented an Airbnb to celebrate with their kids. And as far as we know, Kody never reached out to his and Janelle’s kids following their explosive fight.

Kody and Robyn captured footage of their Christmas morning, and it looked as though their little family had a great day, complete with a surprise gift from Papa Brown: motorized scooters for all the kids to ride on Coyote Pass.

Although Kody claimed they “weren’t even expensive,” Sister Wives viewers disagreed and were disgruntled over the fact that the Brown family patriarch went to such great lengths for his and Robyn’s kids while leaving his and Janelle’s kids to fend for themselves.

Sister Wives viewers put Kody Brown on blast for spoiling his and Robyn’s kids while ignoring Janelle’s

Kody’s critics headed to Twitter following the September 10 episode and sounded off, putting the curly-haired father of 18 on blast.

“Where are the scooters for Truely and Ysabell? Only Robin’s kids get huge gifts?” asked one Sister Wives viewer. “Again this is why these kids are looking at you like you broke their hearts. You did. You favor other kids specifically Robin’s kids.”

sister wives on twitter called out kody brown for buying scooters for christmas
Kody got reamed on Twitter for buying his and Robyn’s kids scooters for Christmas. Pic credit: @kristin_violet1/@LoachTessie/Twitter

Another disparager reamed out Kody for “blowing off” his and Janelle’s daughter, Savanah, on Christmas “while simultaneously lavishing Robyn’s kids with ridiculously expensive gifts and fawning all over them.”

The critic went on to say that Savanah’s only “sin” was being Janelle’s daughter, who stood up to Kody, calling him “total trash.”

More criticism was sprinkled across Twitter, with another Sister Wives viewer calling out Kody for “miraculously” hiding the minibikes when his biological daughters came to visit.

One Twitter user called Kody “f**king disgusting” and called out his favoritism while slamming Robyn for tolerating it and “enjoying the benefits.”

Robyn and Kody’s kids weren’t the only ones who received expensive gifts for Christmas, either. Robyn bragged about accumulating her Dickens Christmas village figurines, which, according to a screenshot from Amazon, can be quite pricey.

One Sister Wives viewer called Robyn “insane” for racking up an expensive Christmas village while “Janelle kids didn’t even get a Xmas gift let alone a visit.”

Kody and Janelle’s kids enjoyed their first Christmas without their dad

During a confessional, Savanah sat with her brothers, Garrison and Gabriel, and admitted that the quaint Christmas they celebrated without Kody and Robyn and their kids was “very quiet” and “kind of pleasant.”

Gabriel admitted that he thought Christmas would be “hard to swallow” without the rest of the family there, but he also found himself enjoying it.

As Janelle revealed, she had not heard from anyone in Flagstaff regarding Christmas. For his part, Kody said after their fight, “There was nothing,” and he just “didn’t see the point” of getting together with her and/or their kids.

Despite the brokenness, Janelle, Christine, and their kids thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas without Kody and Robyn.

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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