Kody and Robyn Brown under fire for flaunting pricey jewelry

Kody and Robyn are wearing expensive jewelry despite supposed financial issues. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody and Robyn Brown have some explaining to do after some eagle-eyed Sister Wives viewers noticed the couple sporting some expensive bling.

In this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody sported a new flashy ring that caught his first wife Meri’s attention.

Kody and Robyn paid a visit to Meri’s Flagstaff home for a conversation about Meri moving her businesses to Parowan, Utah, and while they were chatting it up, Meri couldn’t help but notice Kody’s new gold ring.

While still in a functioning polygamous marriage, Kody and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – all sported matching Claddagh rings to signify their plural relationship.

Sister Wives viewers noticed, however, that Kody seemingly swapped his Claddagh ring for the gold square one he wore to Meri’s house, and it certainly raised some eyebrows.

Now, some sleuthy Sister Wives fans have taken notice of even more bling on Kody’s fingers and wrists, as well as some worn by Robyn.

Sister Wives take notice: Kody and Robyn Brown are sporting expensive Rolex watches

On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers uploaded some screenshots from the Sunday, October 8 episode during Kody and Robyn’s confessionals.

In one screenshot, seen below, Robyn is seen wearing a flat gold ring very similar to the one Kody showed up wearing to Meri’s house.

Some observant viewers also noticed that Robyn is no longer wearing the family’s Claddagh ring, which was gifted to her by Meri, Janelle, and Christine at her wedding to Kody in 2010.

Not only that, but others took notice of what seemed to be matching watches worn by Kody and Robyn — and not just any old watches, but rather high-cost ones.

Kody Brown’s critics slam him for failing to shell out cash for some of his kids but sporting pricey jewelry

In a second Reddit post, one Sister Wives viewer wrote in the caption, “Janelle lives in student housing, [Kody] didn’t buy Christmas presents for his kids, but he’s rolling with a $14,000 Rolex? Every week is a new low for this toxic creep.”

In the bottom photo of the screenshot below, the up-close shot of Kody’s wrist shows him sporting what many believe to be an exorbitantly priced Rolex wristwatch.

And, in the top photo below, Robyn looked to be wearing a matching Rolex.

robyn and kody brown's rings per a reddit post
Kody and Robyn’s Rolex watches. Pic credit: u/FeelsLikeAnEmber/Reddit

Kody and Robyn’s choice to don expensive jewelry didn’t sit well with Sister Wives viewers, and many of them sounded off in the comments of the Reddit post.

One such critic pointed out that Kody snubbed his daughter Ysabel when she underwent back surgery — for which, by the way, Christine used crowdfunding to raise the $50,000 required for the operation — but has the audacity to shell out beaucoup bucks on jewelry.

“But he didn’t care about Ysabels spinal surgery ! What a disgusting POS ! He’s literally only been a sperm donor all this time !” the disgruntled Redditor commented.

sister wives fans on reddit discuss kody and robyn brown's jewelry
Pic credit: u/Sallypissypants/Reddit

Another critic wrote, “OMG!! I hate them. I’m sure Robyn’s Rolex goes well with her hideous Sears floral blouses she wears. What a joke.”

Pointing out that Kody is spending money on matching watches with Robyn while Janelle and Meri are struggling financially, another commenter penned, “matching rolex while janelle was in that little apartment and meri begging for a family loan 😩.”

Kody and Robyn have irked Sister Wives viewers for many years now. First, it was because they seemingly pushed Kody’s other three wives away while they paraded their romance, and now they’re just rubbing salt in the wounds by flaunting their wealth.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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