Kody and Robyn Brown spotted dancing at a bar, Sister Wives fans think Robyn looks pregnant

Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody Brown
Robyn and Kody were spotted cutting a rug at a bar. Pic credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn were spotted dancing at a bar recently and Sister Wives fans think they might be expecting another baby.

Sister Wives fans have long accused Kody of favoring Robyn over his other wives, Meri and Janelle, and his now-ex-wife Christine.

That still seems to be the case, as the duo was recently spotted dancing together at a bar, looking very much like a typical monogamous couple.

Kody and Robyn Brown spotted dancing at a bar

Some stealthy Sister Wives fans caught Kody and Robyn’s dance moves on film as they recorded them from a bar earlier this month. The video is a bit grainy and was shot from a distance, but it’s clear that it’s Robyn and Kody.

Kody and Robyn were the only ones on the dance floor in the bar, Kody fervently twirling Robyn in his signature dance move that Sister Wives viewers have come to know over the years. Kody wore a dark polo shirt and jeans, while Robyn donned a billowy, white top with jeans.

Taking to Reddit, many Sister Wives fans thought it looked as though Robyn was pregnant in the video — some felt it was due to the loose top she wore, while others thought she gained weight, indicating a bun in the oven.

Sister Wives wonder if Robyn might be pregnant

“Is she pregnant?” one Redditor asked, with another comment reading, “She looks Pregnant to me.”

One Sister Wives viewer, admittedly not a fan of Kody or Robyn, commented, “I’m being terrible but he looks like his hairline has receded even more and she looks pregnant. Can you tell that I’m not a fan of either one of them?”

One Redditor contemplated whether Robyn’s shirt was to blame for making her look as though she is with child or if she might actually be expecting her third biological child with Kody: “I can’t tell if she’s pregnant or not. She dresses so frumpy now, so it’s difficult to say. I’m leaning towards pregnant though.”

sister wives took to reddit where they commented robyn brown might be pregnant after seeing her dancing with kody in a bar
Pic credit: u/Ok_Froyo7933/Reddit

“She’s either fat, or pregnant,” read another comment from a Sister Wives fan. “Not the skinny young one anymore definitely! ?”

Robyn and Kody share two biological children, son Solomon, 10, and daughter Ariella, 6. Kody also adopted Robyn’s three children — Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna — from her first marriage to David Jessop.

Kody and Robyn have discussed having more children together, but they didn’t agree on whether to go through with it or not. Kody, who has been fathering children for 26 years and has a total of 18 kids, was hesitant to bring another child into the world.

However, Robyn had a vision of a “little, dark-haired boy” that she and Kody would share, explaining that she made promises in her head to be a mother to a certain number of children. Despite being considered at advanced maternal age, (Robyn is currently 43 years old), Robyn is open to having more kids with Kody.

This isn’t the first time Sister Wives fans have speculated that Robyn and Kody are expecting another child, and it probably won’t be the last.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

So Robyn got pregnant before she was married to her first husband. Both drinkers, not just the husband! Wonder if it’s the cause of her first child’s mental disability, or if it’s even David jessops son. Makes you seriously question her honesty