Kody and Robyn Brown disagree he spent more time with her although the other wives kept tabs

Kody’s ex-wives kept tabs on the time he spent with Robyn. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown’s ex-wives are spilling all the piping hot tea this season on Sister Wives.

On Sunday night, we watched as Meri Brown shared a secret with Robyn about the earlier years of her and Kody’s marriage before Robyn came into the picture.

“I remember there was a time where it wasn’t so good, and [Kody] kept telling me, ‘You’re getting all this extra time. … I’m with you all the time, and I’m with you more than I am Janelle or Christine,'” Meri recalled.

But Meri didn’t see it the way Kody did, so she began keeping track of Kody’s time — not where he was, but when he was with her — and according to Meri’s calculations, Kody was spending less than a third of his time with her.

Meri admitted that tracking Kody’s time only proved that she was right, deepening her anger toward him for unfairly splitting his time between her, Janelle, and Christine.

And here’s a kicker – following Meri’s admission, ironically, Robyn claimed she shared the same secret as Meri.

Sister Wives secret: Robyn Brown claims that Kody spent more time with his other wives in Las Vegas

Robyn said that for a month or two while living in Las Vegas, Christine was complaining that Kody wasn’t spending any time with her, so Robyn started tracking Kody’s whereabouts and discovered that he wasn’t with her as much.

During a solo confessional, Kody explained that while living in the cul-de-sac in Nevada, he stayed at Christine’s house for 25 days out of the month for one month.

Kody confessed that it was a test to see if Christine would be happier and complain less if he spent more time at her house — and it worked.

Kody Brown spent more time with Christine as a ‘test’

“There was definitely a month where Kody was with me more,” Christine admitted. “And I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s gonna finally balance out his schedule. This is gonna be super awesome.'”

“And then it went right back to where we really didn’t see him that often. It was only in the evenings; he just preferred to be over at Robyn’s house the rest of the time,” Christine added.

Kody called his wives’ comparisons the “death of joy” and felt they focused on what he was doing with his other wives rather than with themselves.

Robyn confided in Meri, admitting that it was “weird” to her that Christine complained about Kody not being around. And during a solo confession, Robyn told the cameras that her kids complained about Kody spending more time with his older kids instead of them.

Janelle Brown attests that Kody didn’t split his time equally between his wives

Janelle admitted that Kody split his time unequally after they moved into separate homes in Vegas. According to Janelle’s recollection, the majority of Kody’s time was spent at Robyn’s house.

Kody all but admitted to spending more time at Robyn’s, using the excuse that she “gave” him his own office space and room for his car in her garage. So according to him, he was at Robyn’s a lot but wasn’t necessarily spending more time with her.

In fact, Kody said his other wives “created this world” where he spent more time with Robyn than them, maintaining that he shared his time equally with his four wives.

So, who’s telling the truth here? We may never know, but Christine was adamant that Robyn knew Kody was choosing to spend more time at her house.

“She knew that Kody was over at her house more than anybody else’s,” Christine said during a confessional.

And Christine’s admission was enough to cause her not to trust her former sister wife.

Christine doesn’t trust Robyn

“I’m not gonna trust someone who says they want family, yet they are fine with Kody only being at their house,” Christine told TLC’s cameras.

Robyn joined the Brown family in 2010, right around the time Sister Wives debuted on TLC. At the time, Kody and his three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, were living under one roof in Utah.

But after threats by law enforcement to expose their illegal, polygamous lifestyle, Kody moved his family to Las Vegas, which seemed to mark the beginning of the end of their big, happy family.

Kody soon got an urge to move again, this time to Flagstaff, where he remains with Robyn and their five kids. Christine has moved back to Utah, Janelle is still in Flagstaff, and Meri splits her time between Utah and Arizona, proving just how separate the Browns have become.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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