Kirstie Alley blasts Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Leah Remini in a Twitter tirade

Kirstie Alley and Maks on Dancing with the Stars
Kirstie Alley and Maks on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

While Maksim Chmerkovskiy was trapped in Ukraine and continued to post about the death toll as it rose, Kirstie Alley had her own comments.

Alley said she didn’t know what was real and fake in the news coming from Ukraine, so she wouldn’t say anything and just pray.

Maks, Alley’s partner on Dancing with the Stars, responded to that comment.

Since he saw firsthand what was happening in Ukraine, he told Kirstie that they didn’t need her to say anything if she didn’t know what was real.

Kirstie then decided to launch a full-on attack on Maks without mentioning his name and another about Leah Remini.

Kirstie Alley plotted a way to expose her detractors

Maks was just being honest with Alley. He said he saw firsthand how she wanted to help those needlessly hurt when she helped out after a hurricane.

However, he was disappointed that she dismissed the Ukraine plight by hinting that some news might be fake.

Leah Remini was even harsher as she blasted Kirstie’s role as a Scientologist, asking who it was that she was claiming to pray to.

Kirstie clearly took aim at these two based on her next Twitter comments.

“Almost Time to take off the gloves. I have a curtesy[sic] policy to not publicly reveal secrets about other celebs, but I’m done with the public lies and covert jabs. And not so covert,” she wrote.

She then followed up with another comment, where it was clear who she was targeting.

“Don’t get too excited there are only two… but two too many never the less. One shoots her mouth off and has an IQ of about 75 and the other one like you to think he’s a hero .. gotta plot this out.”

Kirstie Alley Twitter
Pic credit: @kirstiealley/Twitter

“The IQ of about 75” was likely a shot at Remini, and the “other one like you to think he’s a hero” was Maks.

Of course, Maksim was stuck in Ukraine and was scared to leave because of the dangers he heard awaited on the road to the Polish border. Throughout his posts, he never said he was a hero but a man who was scared for people he loved.

Remini, on the other hand, took the fight to Kirstie.

Leah Remini launches her own attack on Kirstie Alley

Leah Remini has fought a long battle with the Church of Scientology.

When Kirstie said she wouldn’t comment on Ukraine since she didn’t know what was real or fake, Leah posted, “So @kirstiealley can comment on things she knows nothing about like mental health, psychiatric drugs, and virology, but she won’t comment on Putin who is an evil tyrant? No comment about Russia invading Ukraine? The killing of innocent people? The displacement of Ukrainians?”

Leah Remini Twitter 1
Pic credit: @LeahRemini/Twitter

After Kirstie made her threats to plot out her revenge, Leah then posted that this was a Scientology tactic.

Leah Remini Twitter 2
Pic credit: @LeahRemini/Twitter

It looks like Kirstie Alley was not happy getting called out by Leah Remini or hearing from Maksim Chmerskovisky, who was trying to survive a Russian invasion.

While Maks hasn’t even mentioned Kirstie’s name again, it is assured that Leah will be there if Kirstie makes any more comments about Ukraine.

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2 years ago

Ooh yeah! Two has-beens .. or rather one has-been and one never-was .. Twitter battling for relevance!

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