Kira Mengistu talks about going on Bachelor in Paradise and how The Bachelor changed her

Kira Mengistu
Kira Mengistu would love to appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Kira Mengistu was a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor with an impressive resume behind her.

Not only did she get a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and her medical degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, but she came onto the show as a doctor, too.

Now, after her time spent on the show, Kira has a couple of new dreams, including a possible summer romance and relationship on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Kira Mengistu expressed her interest in going on Bachelor in Paradise

When asked in a interview, Kira exclaimed, “Yeah, I am definitely interested in going to ‘Paradise’ this summer! I actually just started watching past seasons of Paradise, and I’d be really excited to go. I feel like it’s more like real dating than ‘The Bachelor’ because you’re meeting more people and dating them rather than everyone focusing on dating one guy.”

Kira was also asked if there was someone in particular that she would like to see or potentially meet in Paradise. She answered by saying that she would be open-minded and that there wasn’t one specific person she had in mind. She did say there were some cute guys she’d love to meet like Pardeep, Romeo, and Casey.

She also hinted that there might be a guy from a past season that she would love to meet, and she also stated, “I don’t know if he’s single right now, but I’d love to see Dr. Joe on the beach.”

Kira talked about what she gained from being on The Bachelor

During the interview, Kira also spoke about her experience on The Bachelor and what she took away from it. She said she had never expected to go on the show and stated it was so out of her comfort zone to do so.

She also explained that she was nervous and anxious to see how she was edited after the filming of the show, as well as how she would appear to others.

Kira said, “once the show started airing, it was just super exciting to watch me and my friends. It’s definitely been super weird having people recognize me in public. It’s just a whole new experience that I’m navigating one day at a time. There’s no rule book for this.”

She stated that the show gave her a lot more confidence when it comes to dating, and she has learned to listen better to others. Moreover, now she knows that she has to communicate better in relationships to express what she wants and needs from a partner. After going on the show, Kira also talked about how she wants to settle down and find her person even more now.

While Kira has many accolades in her back pocket, it seems finding love is still something she is searching for. Hopefully, Bachelor producers will give her a shot to make this dream a reality, as she ended her interview by saying, “I’m excited about potentially going to Paradise!”

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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