Kira Mengistu stuns in bathroom selfie after Bachelor in Paradise drama with Romeo Alexander

kira Mengistu in black dress
Kira Mengistu stuns fans as she looks absolutely unbothered amidst Bachelor in Paradise drama. Pic credit @kiramengistu/Instagram

Kira Mengistu looked gorgeous as she posed in her latest selfie.

Despite the drama between her and castmate Romeo Alexander, the reality star seemed unbothered. Her 14.4k Instagram followers saw her in a bathroom mirror as she showed off her latest outfit.

She wore a black satin shirt tied in the front for a cropped look. Kira coordinated her blouse with a matching leather miniskirt.

The Bachelor in Paradise star wore various accessories, including a necklace with a rhinestone pendant, long gold earrings, and a black crossbody bag.  

Kira kept her hair simple and wore it in a straight side part.

Her makeup was very subtle with a thin winged eyeliner look to accentuate her eyes.  

Kira's instagram story
Kira Mengistu is seen showing off her outfit in a bathroom selfie. Pic credit: @kiramengistu/Instagram

Kira Mengistu was in a serious love triangle  

While on the hit reality show Bachelor in Paradise, Kira found herself pursuing the same man as castmate Jill Chin. Both were very interested in Romeo and even had a history with him before the show. Jill told Hollywood Life that they had a “flirty friendship.” However, things came to a close when Kira was voted off the show and Romeo pursued other women behind Jill’s back.

When talking to Hollywood Life, Jill admitted that she and Kira have not spoken since the show.  According to her, she does not see a space for reconciliation right now. 

“I think, as of right now, ever since that happened, I think we’re just fine being in our own lanes. I respect her from a distance — I respect the hell out of her — and I don’t want there to be any bad blood. I think a lot of it was miscommunication and when there’s feelings involved, it’s very difficult. So, I’m not really sure what the future holds for that.” 

Meanwhile, fans were shocked when Kira returned and left the beach with Romeo. People were not sure why they left together, especially since Romeo was Kira’s second option. As of now, there has not been any confirmation that the couple is still together, but Kira did admit in a Tik Tok video that she does not have a stable partner right now.  

Kira Mengistu is focused on the fall 

Kira is no longer worried about her previous love triangle between Jill and Romeo. Instead, she has been showing off her fall looks to her Instagram followers.

She can be seen above in a cozy white turtleneck cropped at the waistline. She paired it with a black satin miniskirt to add some contrast to the outfit. To celebrate the “knee-high boots” season, she wore her black boots to keep her warm during the fall weather.

The California physician pulled her hair into a ponytail to showcase her natural beauty. She kept her makeup simple, focusing on dewy skin and a nude lip to complement her features.

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