Kira Mengistu predicts Shanae Ankney is in for a battle at Women Tell All

Kira Mengistu
Kira Mengistu foreshadows Shanae Ankney being in trouble at the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26 marked the end of Shanae Ankney’s villainous reign, as Clayton Echard finally sent Shanae packing. 

The remaining women on the season rejoiced when Shanae went home, and even women who are no longer on the show celebrated Shanae’s downfall on social media. 

Now that Shanae’s journey on The Bachelor has come to an end, she will likely not be seen again until the Women Tell All where she’ll surely be in the hot seat if she shows up. 

Former The Bachelor Season 26 contestant Kira Mengistu shared a message that highlighted the fight Shanae will likely have when she faces all the women that she disrespected at the Women Tell All. 

Kira Mengistu suggests Shanae Ankney will have a tough time on the Women Tell All 

Shanae Ankney did a lot more than ruffle some feathers during her time on The Bachelor. The season’s villain managed to disrespect several women from the cast and the whole ADHD community with her offensive comments. 

With so much to answer for, Shanae will likely have a big target on her back during the Women Tell All. 

Kira posted about her take on what Shanae is in for at the Women Tell All by using a gif of a famous Game of Thrones moment. 

Kira tweeted, “Shanae at Women Tell All” along with a gif of Jon Snow whipping out his sword as a sea of horses and soldiers come charging at him for battle.

The gif certainly implies that Kira expects all the women to come for Shanae at the Women Tell All. 

Shanae Ankney says she’s sad The Bachelor viewers didn’t get to know the real her 

After being sent home from The Bachelor, Shanae shared a post of her own to reflect on her journey and still didn’t show any signs of feeling apologetic for her poor behavior. 

Instead, Shanae shared a video of herself outdoors and wrote about the big things in store for her. 

Shanae captioned her post, “Woah! What a wild ride it’s been. Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day with my dad, my first love, and I’m so thankful for this special relationship in my life. As we were making donuts and hauling a$$, I took some time to reflect on this journey of a lifetime. I want to thank all of “my homies at home” and my family for supporting me through this journey.”

Shanae also directed some of her message at those who judge her without knowing her. 

Shanae wrote, “For those of you who don’t know me, I wanted to share a few things. If you choose to judge me on the five hours of footage you’ve watched, I’m sad you didn’t get a look into the real me. And if you were so quick to say you would never be “so mean to someone” while simultaneously sending me hateful messages so ugly I wouldn’t repost – that doesn’t make you better than me. My realness isn’t for everyone – real never makes everyone happy. I made a promise to myself a long time ago that my heart won’t ever be guided by anyone else but me.”

Concluding her caption, Shanae wrote, “There are big things in store and for now, I’m just going to eat shrimp and continue to be my authentic self.” 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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