Kim Richards teases a comeback to RHOBH, reveals Andy Cohen called her directly

Kim Richards is open to coming back to RHOBH.
Kim Richards is open to coming back to RHOBH. Pic credit: Bravo

She brought the bunny. She loves turtles. Kyle stole her house. She wants to talk about the husbands. And now, she might be back on our Bravo screens once again.

Kim Richards went live on Instagram today to tease her viewers with a possible comeback to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the internet is shook over this confession. She left her role as a main cast member in 2015 and appeared as a guest in many episodes until 2020.

Kim was an original Housewife, co-starring with her sister Kyle Richards. Now older sister Kathy Hilton is a guest star on the series, and there is a chance that all three sisters could star together.

Kim surprised her Instagram followers with some hot scoop

Thursday afternoon, Kim took to social media to let her 600K followers know that she had received a call from Bravo chief Andy Cohen.

She said that Andy told her that a lot of fans have been asking her to come back to RHOBH, so he decided to go right to the source. Kim said the phone call was short because he had to put his baby, Ben, to bed, but that she was happy to talk to him.

Then Twitter lit ablaze!

HousewivesStan is here for the potential comeback.

FacesByBravo wants to see “his girl” back on TV.

MCampolini posted a copy of the Instagram live and thanked Andy Cohen.

Twitter user @MCampolini tweets in support of Kim Richards
Pic credit: @MCampolini/Twitter

Kim was tight-lipped on her response, but fans commented on her live video with well-wishes for her sobriety and letting her know they would love for her to come back.

Kim has been through many ups and downs since starting RHOBH

It was revealed in a fight with her sister, Kyle, in season 1 that Kim struggled with alcoholism. She went to rehab and missed the Season 2 reunion after a tumultuous filming and a new relationship with beau, Ken, who her friends thought was enabling her addiction. During her appearances on the show, fans often watched as Kim seemed disorientated and found it hard to form complete sentences at times.

Viewers found out she had relapsed in 2015 and had been arrested twice, for shoplifting and public drunkenness. Things started to look up in 2016 when she became a grandmother.

In 2019, Kim had another setback after mental health and sobriety issues landed her in the hospital. Her family rallied around her to help her get the treatment she needed. Current day, she appears to be in a good place on her journey.

When eldest sister Kathy Hilton joined the cast as a friend-of, fans expressed how great it would be for the three sisters to be together on the show together. Now it looks like it could happen in the future.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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