Kim Kardashian’s natural hair is actually pretty short — See her real mane before going back to brunette

Kim Kardashian with brunette hair
Kim Kardashian gives fans a glimpse of her natural hair before returning to being brunette. Pic credit: ©️ John Nacion/StarMaxInc

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian gave fans a rare glimpse of her natural hair minus the iconic long locks. The bleached blonde color, bangs, and shoulder-length layers made her appear unrecognizable in the short video clip.

The mom of four gave us a glimpse at the style while at home playing with her spunky 9-year-old, North, on TikTok. Kim was sitting on her bed clad in a pair of nude pajamas with her short, wet hair barely touching her shoulders.

The duo sang a Christmas song in pajamas to celebrate the holidays when fans saw her layered look.

The mom of four bleached her long tresses in a 14-hour-long process before the 2022 Met Gala under the theme, In America: An Anthology of Fashion and the Guilded Glamour dress code is why the star donned the famous Marilyn Monroe, Jean Louis dress.

Marilyn Monroe’s sultry Happy Birthday serenade to President JFK in 1962 while wearing the gown, cemented the moment and dress in pop-culture history.

Kim borrowed the $5 million crystal-encrusted dress from Ripley’s Hollywood Boulevard museum.

After the Met Gala’s grueling 14-hour processing, the iconic brunette kept her blonde tresses until Christmas, when she decided to lose the bleach bottle blonde and the weave and return to her familiar long, brunette style.

Catch a glimpse of Kim’s short style in this holiday season-inspired TikTok with her adorable daughter, North West.

Kim Kardashian tells podcast viewers she wears her hair how she likes

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian did a recent interview with the podcast IRL, hosted by Angie Martinez when she told the host she doesn’t think about trends when trying out new hairstyles; she wears her signature hair how she likes.

Whether or not fans copy her look is not something she thinks about.

The star has a lot of other things to think about as a mom, student, and business owner of a multi-million dollar company SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian says performing on social media is something she does for North

Kim Kardashian says she’s not a dancer but performs on TikTok because North likes it. The TikTok account, @kimandnorth is something North wanted to do, just like any child her age.

Kim heavily monitors social media for her kids because of her high profile status and because their father is constantly in the news due to his highly controversial views. The joint TikTok account is their attempt at a regular social media presence without all the adult worries.

In the past, North’s father, Kanye West, has voiced his ire at his daughter being allowed on TikTok, although mama Kim is on the app with their daughter. It’s been one of the hot-button parenting conflicts the now-divorced couple has publicly argued about.

The Kardashians is currently on hiatus on Hulu.

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