Kim Kardashian stuns in sheer catsuit to show off holiday curves

Kim Kardashian close up
Kim Kardashian is killing it with her Christmas look. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kim Kardashian is dropping it like it’s hot in a gorgeous holiday snap that shows off all her famous curves.

The Kardashians star is going wild with animal prints for the series of photos that remind us she is the social media queen.

In them, Kim is still sporting her ultra-platinum blonde hair, which could mean this is a throwback considering she recently went for a more honey-colored blonde.

But they’re still new-to-us photos, and in them, she sizzles in head-to-toe animal print, even covering up her fingers and her feet with sheer leopard to show off Kim’s incredible figure.

In the first of three photos, Kim is crouched down with her sultry gaze set on the camera while steadying herself with one gloved hand. In the second photo, Kim again looks back at the camera while offering a view from the back.

The third and final photo features a front view of Kim in her leopard suit as she delicately brushes her hair back with one leopard-gloved hand with one hip jutted out while she struck a pose.

To the delight of her 337 million Instagram followers, Kim captioned the photo, “Believe in u” and it’s clear that she believes in herself. In just two short days, the photos have been liked nearly 3 million times!

Kim Kardashian was trolled for leaving the best drama out of The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian often shares beautiful photos for her fans to drool over but lately, she may be thinking about laying low. Especially after she was called out for a lackluster Season 2 of The Kardashians.

After Kim asked fans what they want to see in Season 3, many were quick to call out what went missing from Season 2 and it was a lot. The Kardashians fans made it clear that they wanted to see Kourtney and Travis’s Italian wedding, Kim’s split from Pete Davidson, and some baby reveals.

After all, we still haven’t seen Kylie or Khloe’s no-longer-newborn sons and we still don’t even know their names!

Season 2 could have been the one that gave life to the famous family and instead, they left fans utterly disappointed with storylines that felt more like episode-long ad campaigns and that’s not the way to keep viewers coming back for more.

One suggestion that keeps on popping, and one that we can get behind, is to bring Scott Disick back. We’re all aware that Kourtney has moved on to find true love but that doesn’t stop Scott from being the comic relief the show needs. Maybe they’ll listen and put Lord Disick back in front of the cameras, a move that would spice up Season 3.

Kim Kardashian puts Snoop Dogg’s family in SKIMS

One thing Kim Kardashian knows how to do is build a thriving business. She’s done it alongside her family with reality TV hits, moved on to build a thriving cosmetics company and now she’s taken over shapewear with SKIMS.

Kim’s shapewear brand has been so successful that she has throngs of celebs just waiting to model in SKIMS for her many campaigns.

But one of the most notable came during the holiday season when Snoop Dogg himself appeared in an ad for the Kardashian-owned brand and he wasn’t alone.

When Kim dropped the SKIMS Cozy collection, featuring some seriously cute pajama sets, Snoop Dogg’s entire family got in the picture as they all sported matching pajamas and lots of big smiles.

The caption of the iconic family photo read, “Introducing the SKIMS Holiday campaign, starring @SnoopDogg alongside his wife, children, and grandchildren. The cultural icon and three generations of his family are shot together for the first time, wearing our signature Cozy collection.”

The Kardashians is currently on hiatus.

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