Kim Kardashian stuns in hot pink underwear and crop top for Skims

Kim Kardashian
The reality star has obtained legal protection from an unhinged fan. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kim Kardashian has taken her modeling talents to her successful shapewear brand, SKIMS. She was seen looking chic as ever as the brand showcased her in their latest photoshoot.  

The mom of four was seen in front of a beige background sporting a long-sleeved crop top.

The Fuchsia shirt is currently a part of their limited-edition collection that features three new colors, also including the shades Sugar Plum and Ruby. She paired the look with a matching high-rise thong to compliment her figure.  

She kept her makeup very natural to emulate the look of going to bed or lounging around the house.

She slicked her blonde hair into a ponytail to expose her naturally dark roots.  

SKIMS features 28 different styles including bodysuits, shirts, and underwear that will launch next Tuesday. Since her brand is known to sell out really fast, the brand reminded fans to sign up for their waitlist for the best chance of getting the coveted clothes.  

Kim Kardashian is very detailed about what she launches  

Kim does not let just anything gets posted on SKIM’s website. To no one’s surprise, she is very specific about what products she puts out and how they are produced. 

When interviewing with The Cut, she revealed that just finding the right factory for the brand was a daunting process. She is very specific when it came to her vision and it was hard to find a privately owned factory that gave her the quality she wanted for her seamless shapewear and clothes.  

The goal was to create shapewear that was really smooth under clothing. To do so, she had to make sure all her products had the right stretch.

Even after the products are made, she makes sure to do every single fitting for the brand to see the quality in real-time. In order to ensure it works for other body types, she includes models with diverse body types to make sure the width and coverage is just right.  

Kanye West thinks SKIMS photoshoots oversexualized Kim Kardashian 

While fans seem to love the visuals for SKIMS, Kanye West has made it a point to call out the brand’s photos.  

In an interview with Tucker Carlsen, he admitted that he doesn’t think the photoshoots are appropriate. He told Tucker, “I felt like there’s a lot of imagery that was overly sexualized and things that I wouldn’t want to see my wife, and definitely not my daughters, doing in the future in order to sell product.” 

It is important to note that while Kanye west vocalizes his disdain now, he was also a vital part of getting SKIMS off the ground, including hiring photographers and curating the logo.  

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