Kim Kardashian shows makeup free complexion for SKKN

Kim Kardashian close up
On The Kardashians, Kim reflected on nine years of Met Galas. Pic credit: © Harris

It’s not every day that Kim Kardashian goes makeup free. She’s almost always in full-on glam makeup from the time she wakes up.

But, with her own skincare line, SKKN, Kim has to show off her products and the results, which requires going without her usual foundation, concealer, and false eyelashes.

The Kardashians star recently shared a video of herself putting on one of her SKKN products, which was a light serum, while using a patting technique rather than rubbing super hard at her face.

In the video, Kim’s completely natural complexion was on show as her platinum blonde hair was parted in the middle and left down.

She wore a nude bra, most likely from her SKIMS collection, and stood in front of a simple gray background to draw attention to what she was doing.

Kim squirted out serum from a bottle and rubbed it between her hands to warm it up before patting it gently on her face.

In the caption, she gave a few short tips, telling her followers, “Technique matters.”

She also wrote, “Rubbing in your products can stretch the skin, break down collagen and elastin, and prevent proper absorption.”

The Kardashians star said applying your creams, toners, and serums with a patting motion is better for the skin and stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Kim Kardashian showed off her makeup-free complexion to advertise SKKN products

Kim’s makeup-free SKKN ads are always a breath of fresh air on her Instagram feed, which usually includes highly filtered looks in which she has a full face of makeup.

In mid-September, Kim shared a photo of herself without makeup in which her face had a small bit of cream swiped on it. She stared at the camera intensely and showed off every pore and all her skin texture.

A second shot showed her pulling her hair back as she was wrapped in a nude-colored towel with more cream on her face.

Her flawless and radiant complexion appeared completely natural, and she wrote in the caption, “Show your @skkn some love.”

Kim shared videos of herself using a SKKN exfoliator and SKNN oil drops

Kim has also shared videos of herself as she exfoliated her skin with her hair pulled back in a sleek bun and giving her face a gentle rub.

And she was once seen in a stone bathtub in what looked like a very dark room with a bright light shining on her. She was makeup free, though she looked very hydrated as she leaned back in the water and held a product to her face.

Kim was advertising the SKKN oil drops, writing in the caption, “Brighten, hydrate, and glow with the @SKKN Oil Drops ?”

The Kardashians is currently streaming on Hulu, with new episodes every Thursday.

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