Kim Kardashian: See her makeup-free face for SKNN oil drops underwater

Kim Kardashian close up
Kim Kardashian showed off her makeup-free face for SKNN campaign video. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian is known for her full face of makeup, never going out of the house without contour, and perfectly penciled-in eyebrows.

It’s rare to see The Kardashians star without makeup, even when she’s at home lounging around, so it’s quite a sight to see her bare-faced for the world to see.

Of course, if you’re advertising skincare, wearing caked-on foundation and concealer wouldn’t look right, so Kim was forced to bare her true skin for a SKNN campaign.

If anything, the Skims founder looked stunning without an imperfection in sight, as she advertised SKNN oil drops.

Kim laid in water with a concrete background in what looked like a very dark room, almost as if she was in a cave, though she had a very bright light in use to make sure her skin could be seen.

Kim’s platinum blonde hair was thrown up in a bun, and it looked like she was wearing a strapless brown bikini top.

Kim Kardashian showed off her makeup-free, hydrated complexion

Her face was wet with water and oil as she made a kissing face while holding the SKNN product.

In the next photo, part of a carousel added to Instagram, Kim had just come up out of the water, and her skin looked hydrated to perfection.

in the last photos, she looked at the camera while holding the product, her skin covered with water and most likely the oil drops.

In the caption, Kim wrote, “Brighten, hydrate, and glow with the @SKKN Oil Drops ?, and the photos received over 1 million likes, including from Bachelor alum Rachael Kirkconnell.

Kim recently shared a makeup-free exfoliating video for SKNN

Kim is on a roll with the makeup-free looks, sharing a video of herself exfoliating with a SKNN product, her blonde locks pulled back into a chic bun.

She captioned the video, “it’s a @SKKN kind of exfoliating morning ?,” and it also received over 1 million likes, including from Kim’s supportive sister Kendall Jenner.

Kim claimed she has only had botox, but no fillers

In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Kim reflected on the 9-step skincare line, telling the publication, “I wanted to create a line based on exactly what I really do. I don‘t use all of it every day, but you have to have everything for a complete routine.”

As for whether or not she has had plastic surgery? The reality star admitted she has had “a little bit of Botox” between her eyebrows, and when asked if she had ever had filler in her lips or cheeks, she said, “No filler. Never filled either one, ever.”

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