Kim Kardashian roasted for Harvard Business School speech

Kim Kardashian selfie
Kim Kardashian lectured to students at Harvard Business School. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

On Friday, Harvard Business School students were treated to a lecture by a very special guest: shapewear mogul Kim Kardashian.

The Kardashians star, along with her SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede, were invited to share their knowledge with an HBS class called Moving Beyond DTC. They reportedly spent around two hours talking SKIMS with the students.

After class, Kim spent some time strolling the iconic Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus with The Kardashians film crews in tow.

A photo captured by an onlooker showed Kim posing for pictures with the Harvard Business School sign. The star could be seen flashing double peace signs for the cameras and showing off her signature pout.

Kim has certainly come a long way in her career evolution, from dressing up as Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods for Halloween in 2019 to speaking at the real-life Harvard.

But that didn’t stop posters to an online Kardashians fan forum from cracking some jokes at the mogul’s expense.

Fans mock Kim Kardashian’s business school look: ‘It’s giving Morticia’

Some of the jokes centered on Kim’s business outfit: a loose-fitting, black pin-striped suit topped with a black leather trench coat.

Multiple fans compared the look to another iconic TV family, with one asking, “Why is she dressed as Gomez Addams,” and another commenting, “It’s giving Morticia.”

A Kardashians fan comment on Reddit
Pic credit: @gsydhsbj/Reddit
A Kardashians fan comment on Reddit
Pic credit: @Independent-Ad-8258/Reddit

Others pointed out that Kim’s outfit appeared better suited to sunny Southern California than snowy winter Boston.

One person noted that the hems of her trousers, which could be seen in pictures trailing on the wet ground, looked “soaking wet.”

“For the love of God,” another wrote. “She has money. Pay a tailor!”

A Kardashians fan comment on Reddit
Pic credit: @mamacitalk/Reddit
A Kardashians fan comment on Reddit
Pic credit: @GallwayGirl/Reddit

Others found the idea of Kim giving a speech at Harvard Business School in the first place simply laughable.

As one person put it: “I am dying to hear what ‘advice’ she was giving to the geniuses at Harvard!!”

“I mean they are literally some of the smartest people in the world and Kim showed up with full on duck face????”

screenshot of kim kardashian reddit comments
Pic credit: @pm1022/Reddit

Kim Kardashian talks SKIMS success with Harvard Business students

Harvard and the Kardashians might seem like an odd combination, but Kim has found major success with her own business career.   

She has helped to grow the SKIMS company into a billion-dollar brand, becoming a billionaire herself in the process.

On the Reddit forum, some pointed out that Kim’s personal brand – peace signs, duck face, and all – has been integral to that success.

As one person put it: “The entire point is that she is at Harvard… and doing this.”

Pic credit: @dixcgirl10/Reddit

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu.

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