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Kim Kardashian in skintight camouflage dress is Balenciaga Barbie

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian stars in the latest Balenciaga campaign in a pink ensemble. Pic credit. © Thompson/AdMedia

Kim Kardashian has long supported Balenciaga by wearing the designer to public events and walking for the brand at Paris Couture Fashion Week, but the reality star is taking her support to another level.

Kim shared a video montage featuring herself in various poses, wearing a dress by the designer. The dress featured a short hem and one strap allowing The Kardashians star to move freely. 

Kim appeared to feel herself as she recorded her reflection in the pink garment.

Kim’s bleach blonde hair was in a stylish updo, with pieces of her bangs framing her famous face.

She wore clear heels with the mini dress, which accentuated her slender legs.

In the background, the song Free Mind by Tems played. 

Kim added a sparkling effect to the video, increasing the glitzy vibe.

Behind Kim in the dressing room were carefully organized clothing and another dress laid out on the white couch.

Her caption read, “Balenci Barbie.”

Along with fellow Balenciaga muse Alexa Demie, Kim starred in a series of ads for the designer featuring beautiful landscapes.

Kim Kardashian stars in Balenciaga campaign

The latest Balenciaga campaign saw Kim and Alexa posing with extreme weather in the background.

Kim wore a blue dress with lightning strikes behind her. A blonde Kim’s hair blew from the fictitious storm and sunglasses with matching frames. She carried a small Balenciaga purse and faced her back toward the camera.

Photographer Daniel Roché took inspiration from real-life events and centered the latest campaign around climate change.

While Alexa rocked a long fur coat and stood on desert ground, with cracks everywhere.

Kim Kardashian talks about her attitude change as a blonde

Kim Kardashian covered Allure this month and she talked about her life as a blonde.

Kim revealed, “I have different energy when I’m blonde. I’m a totally different person.”

Kim continued, “I’m sassier. I’m more confident as a blonde.”

Kim shared, “As soon as I go back to brunette, I’m a boss. I’m also a totally different person when I have long, fake nails on. I have so much confidence — and I hate long nails!”

Kim’s brunette hair serves a purpose, however, as the aspiring attorney explained, “But when I have to write an essay, I’m like, ‘Get these nails off me!’ I can’t type.”

Blondes really do have more fun.

The Kardashians Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu. Season 2 premieres on September 22, 2022.

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