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Kim Kardashian flaunts massive weight loss in minuscule bikini

Kim Kardashian close up
Kim Kardashian poses close up. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is showing off her 21-pound weight loss in a tight metallic bikini as she both flaunts her shrinking waistline and promotes her new SKIMS drop.

The billionaire mogul, 41, made Met Gala headlines for shedding 16 pounds to fit into a dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe, but she hasn’t stopped there.

Kim Kardashian shows off tiny figure in bikini

The Kardashians star, who has admitted to losing 21 pounds via dieting and sauna suits, posted to her Instagram stories ahead of the weekend and in full ’70s mode. Kim was promoting her newly-released Metallic Swim line, one offering super tight swim pieces in tones including gold and silver.

Snapped poolside and on a floral-print and cushioned lounger cover, Kim sizzled in a clingy and shiny gold bikini while shouting out a decade mom Kris Jenner likely remembers.

Rocking huge bouffant curls and heavy blue eyeshadow, the mom of four posed with one leg folded up slightly as she highlighted her super-slim figure, also flaunting her plump pout via a nude lip and heavy lip liner.

“Just dropped: METALLIC SWIM,” text read.

Kim Kardashian poses in a bikini. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram
Kim Kardashian poses in a bikini. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim’s weight loss is the talk of the town. Speaking on The Today Show, the SKKN BY KIM founder revealed:

“I looked at it like a role and I really wanted to wear this dress. It was really important to me. It actually taught me a lot about my lifestyle and my health.” Kim added: “Since then, afterwards, I continued to eat really healthy. I’m down 21lbs. now. I’m not trying to lose any more weight, but I have more energy than ever.”

Kim Kardashian reveals how she dropped 21 pounds

The McDonald’s lover, who clearly isn’t indulging in fast food right now, continued: “I cut out so much sugar – a lot of junk food I was eating, I didn’t realize, like a lot of fried foods. And I just completely changed my lifestyle.”

Also making weight loss headlines in 2022 are 38-year-old sister Khloe Kardashian, plus 24-year-old Kylie Jenner – the makeup mogul has shed 40 out of the 60 pounds she gained during her second pregnancy.

Kim also used a sauna suit to help speed up her weight loss, telling her Snapchat followers: “Don just called me Missy Elliott. Look it — I’m wearing a full sweat suit ’cause I gotta lose this extra, like, seven pounds.”

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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