Kim Kardashian fans show concern as Kanye West includes daughter North in rant

kim kardashian face shot from the kardashians season 4 scene
Fans expressed their concerns for Kim Kardashian and daughter North West following Kanye West’s 10-minute rant in Las Vegas. Pic credit: Hulu

Kim Kardashian fans expressed concern for the reality TV star following a lengthy public rant by her ex-husband, Kanye West, that was captured on video.

Particular concern arrived due to one of the topics in his rant being their 10-year-old daughter, North.

Kardashian, 43, and West, 46, also share three other children: Saint, 8, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4.

On Friday, West delivered a 10-minute rant somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada, following a listening party he held for his upcoming album, Vultures.

The rant was live-streamed online by Miami influencer Yes Juelz, along with others nearby, and revealed the rapper may have been experiencing a mental breakdown.

During the rant, he shouted about America, Jesus Christ, Hitler, Donald Trump, Larry Hoover, Jay-Z, Drake, and other topics to a crowd that had gathered around him.

Kanye West mentions his daughter North in a 10-minute rant

West’s lengthy rant included remarks aimed at former partners and business associates, including him saying, “f***” “Balenciaga, Gap, and Louis Vuitton.”

He also mentioned feeling alone and called out the launch party attendees for not supporting him during his custody battle with his ex-wife or removal from Adidas.

However, another alarming part of the hip-hop star’s comments came as he brought up his and Kardashian’s daughter North.

“My daughter ripped up the mother f**king couches in the house to be able to be with me right now,” the rapper yelled in an NSFW clip from his rant.

Per TMZ, North attended her dad’s album listening party in Vegas on Thursday night and stood beside him and rapper Ty Dolla $ign on stage.

“I still keep some Jews with me. Management? Nah. I only let ’em do my jewelry,” West rapped at one point in the evening with North nearby.

West also rapped that he wants another baby in Vegas. The hip-hop star married Bianca Censori one month after his divorce from Kardashian was finalized.

Kim’s fans show concern after Kanye’s lengthy rant

It’s unknown if West’s remarks about North ripping up the couches to be with him were meant literally or figuratively as if she threw a tantrum so her mother would allow her to attend the Vegas trip.

However, West’s rant remarks had Kardashian fans expressing their concerns online.

A Reddit forum post featured many commenters discussing the aspects of West’s rant related to his ex-wife and their daughter, North.

One commenter expressed they were happy that “North has Kim in her life” as a parent.

“its scary that North was ripping up couches to be with Kanye, if thats true,” another commenter wrote.

screenshot of reddit comments reacting to kanye west rant about north
Fans respond. Pic credit: @Basic-Attention1396/Reddit/r/KUWTK

“How does a child destroy a couch?” another commenter asked.

A Redditor replied that “it’s not that hard to imagine,” indicating a toddler could do so, and North is “old enough to get her hands on some scissors or a knife and go to town.”

“That sounds very intense and worrisome,” an individual replied, with another calling it “a really big behavioral issue.”

screenshot of reddit comments discussing kanye saying his daughter north ripped up couches
Fans worried about KK. Pic credit: @Basic-Attention1396/Reddit/r/KUWTK

Another Reddit commenter said they felt bad for Kim Kardashian and her children.

“mental illness is an ugly thing,” the commenter wrote and mentioned an interview where West said he stopped taking bipolar medication due to it affecting his creative process too much.

“what songs is he writing or clothes is he designing that he thinks is world changing enough to put his kids through this. So sad,” they wrote.

screenshot of reddit commenter discussing kanye west mental illness and him stopping bipolar meds
Another fan worried about Kim and the kids. Pic credit: @Basic-Attention1396/Reddit/r/KUWTK

The interview referenced may have been a 2018 TMZ Live interview where West spoke about finishing an upcoming album and suggested it would be even better than the “five albums” released before it.

“Those five albums that I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation,” West said, adding, “Now the alien Ye is fully back in mode, off of medication, working out, breaking as much fresh air as possible, thinking, doing, being himself.”

That same year, West was interviewed by radio host Big Boy and spoke about being diagnosed with a “mental condition,” which he’d confirmed on the YE album was bipolar disorder.

The album’s cover featured a shot of mountains with the words “I hate being Bi-Polar it’s awesome” written in green across them.

“But like I said on the album, it’s not a disability, it’s a superpower,” he told Big Boy during his interview.

The Kardashians Season 5 is TBA for Hulu.

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