Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ended things as friends

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are still friends after the breakup. Pic credit: © Lamkey/CNP/Admedia

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s 9-month romance came to an end last week when the two announced their mutual split.

There seemed to be several factors that contributed to the end of their relationship, though none were directly related to the other person.

The two had a hard time getting together between their busy work schedules and the distance it required at times.

Kim is also at a different stage in her life at 41 with four kids, where her focus is centered, and while Pete, 28, loved being around her kids, it was hard to balance seeing each other and allowing Kim the time to be with her children.

Even with the drama from Kim’s ex Kanye West, Kim and Pete seem to have ended things on good terms and remain friends.

Right now, Pete is focused on himself and wrapping up filming for Wizards! in Australia as sources confirm where Pete stands with Kim.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are on good terms

A source revealed to In Touch that what Kim and Pete had was “great while it lasted, but unfortunately, it was never going to be a forever-love affair.”

The source also confirmed that Pete “has no regrets” or any hard feelings toward Kim.

“He has love for her. He says he’s a better person for knowing Kim, but he’s committed to having a serious Hollywood acting career. That’s his focus.”

The source added, “Pete says he’ll always have love for Kim, and vice versa,” and confirmed that the two “parted as friends.”

Their differing careers seem to have contributed greatly to their split, and even more so in Pete’s case.

Pete Davidson didn’t enjoy Kim Kardashian’s high-publicity lifestyle

While Pete is very focused on working on his own career, he seemed to have some trouble handling what came with Kim’s career.

The source also revealed that Pete “definitely had fun with the whirlwind romance, and he truly had feelings for Kim, but he was getting tired of all the hype and the very public lifestyle. That world of being on 24/7 is in Kim’s blood, it comes second nature to her. Publicity is her livelihood, not Pete’s.”

This may be part of the reason Pete opted not to appear in The Kardashians Season 1, but he does have an appearance in the trailer for Season 2, so fans will see at least a glimpse of the comedian on Hulu this fall.

The Kardashians Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu. Season 2 premieres on September 22, 2022.

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