Khloe Kardashian talks health journey, ‘obsessing’ over weight

Khloe Kardashian selfie
Khloe Kardashian no longer looks at the scale. Pic credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

After years of “obsessing” over her weight, Khloe Kardashian no longer looks at the scale.

This week, The Kardashians star opened up about her health journey and developing a less “toxic” relationship with her own body.

“I never thought I was fat until the media told me I was fat,” the Good American co-founder said.

Khloe revealed that after years of being compared to her famous sisters, she started to believe the haters, taking their body-shaming comments and quips about her weight to heart.

But years of “self-work” and building healthier habits have helped Khloe turn fitness into a lifestyle and even a “form of therapy.”

Now, The Kardashians star thinks of working out – as she recently told InStyle – as a kind of “escapism,” rather than a punishment.

Khloe Kardashian opens up about weight loss journey

Khloe told the outlet that her health journey began in the spring of 2016 around the same time she filed for divorce from her ex-husband Lamar Odom.  

Back then, Khloe revealed, she had an “obsessive” focus on losing weight.

“When I first started” working out, she told the outlet, “I cared so much” about the numbers on the scale.  

But these days, the Good American co-founder cares more about how she feels — both inside and out — than how many pounds she weighs.

The reality star explained that exercising gives her some much-needed mental release and that the mental health-related benefits of working out are more important to her than the “aesthetic” ones.

“I go off of how confident I feel in myself,” The Kardashians star said, adding that she doesn’t “even look at a scale anymore.”

“I haven’t in years,” Khloe continued, adding that the numbers on the scale are, after all, “just numbers.”

Khloe Kardashian reveals her favorite workout

Speaking with the outlet, Khloe also revealed her current favorite form of exercise: indoor machine rowing.

Khloe revealed that she’d recently gotten a Hydrow machine – a high-tech, subscription-based workout along the lines of Peloton – after spotting one in her mom Kris Jenner’s home gym.

“She thinks she’s so cool that she turned me onto something,” The Kardashians star joked.

The Hydrow Rower rowing machine retails for just under $2,500 dollars, but Khloe seems to be getting her money’s worth.

The machine comes with thousands of instructor-led video courses filmed on open water, which Khloe said makes her workouts “tranquil and beautiful.”

One drawback is the ocean wildlife.

“I really don’t like whales at all,” Khloe told the outlet, adding that the creatures are a “huge phobia of mine.”

When a whale comes onscreen during her workout, Khloe said, “I will have a panic attack.”

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu.

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