Khloe Kardashian announces new Good American line coming soon

Khloe Kardashian close up
Khloe Kardashian showed off her taut abs for a new Good American launch. Pic credit: ©

Khloe Kardashian is really taking the fashion world by storm, and while her sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, tend to favor more designer brands, Khloe is all about the everyday woman.

The co-founder of denim brand Good American has been dropping all kinds of new collections recently, with the newest release being all about star signs.

Khloe showed off her incredible abs after a noticeable slim-down in the last couple of years and emphasized her small waist in cozy sweatpants from the new collection.

The Kardashians star was seen lying on a white background as she arched her back to get a flattering angle, wearing a gray pair of sweatpants with a tight waistband and loose legs. The pants featured rhinestone decoration throughout, giving an otherwise frumpy clothing item a bit of luxury.

Khloe paired the sweatpants with a matching sweater that also had rhinestones throughout and the bedazzled word “cancer” on it, showing her star sign.

She revealed in her caption that the outfit is part of Good American’s upcoming new collection, writing, “What’s your sign? 💎 Zodiac Sweats Coming Soon.”

Her makeup looked stunning with beige eyeshadow, a liquid cat eye, feathered lashes, and rose pink lipstick.

As she lay on the ground, her blonde hair was straight and splayed out behind her as she put her hand to her forehead, showing off her famous long acrylic nails.

Khloe Kardashian’s brand Good American to open its first store

The first Good American store will finally be opening next year. Khloe and her co-founder Emma Grede told Bustle they plan on revolutionizing the fitting room.

This will be a blessing to women tired of dealing with stores that have cramped fitting rooms and inadequate lighting, leaving them vulnerable and stripped of confidence.

Emma told the outlet, “If you bring true representation into a store, it looks like being served by women with different body shapes and a beautiful fitting room experience where you don’t feel cramped.”

She added, “You have the space to get yourself and a friend in there and enjoy checking yourselves out.”

The brand recently launched a new compression range of jeans that are made to enhance the natural figure of whoever is wearing them.

Emma even revealed that they use two-to-three different patterns for the same jeans to “make allowances for different body shapes.”

Khloe recently advertised the Hydrow Rower

Khloe’s slimmed-down figure and incredibly toned abs are obviously due to the amount of time she spends in the gym. The reality star even told Bustle that’s how she likes to unwind when stressed.

In a recent Instagram post, Khloe showed off one of her workouts at the gym using the rowing machine.

Khloe shared a picture of herself on the Hydrow Rower, which features a video screen for those who want to take a class in nature.

She showed off her Kardashian curves in a tight pair of black leggings and a matching crop top as she looked over her shoulder while on the rowing machine.

Khloe claimed in her caption that she loves using a piece of equipment that gives her a great workout in a short amount of time, as efficiency is key in her busy life.

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