Kenya Moore claims Marc Daly’s divorce filing was just a ‘tactical move,’ says ‘it didn’t hurt me’

Kenya Moore films for RHOA.
Kenya Moore explained why Marc Daly filed for divorce. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore explains why she wasn’t hurt by her estranged husband’s surprise decision to file for divorce and ask for alimony.

Kenya appeared on the RHOA After Show to address the shocking moment.

When asked about how she felt about coming home to her attorney presenting divorce papers from Marc, she responded differently than viewers may have expected.

She called his actions a “tactical move” in response to legal action that she took.

“I’m gonna be really honest about that. It didn’t hurt me because it was a tactical move because I had tried to serve him with the Georgia action for custody,” Kenya explained.

“He didn’t know what I was filing. He thought it was divorce papers,” she continued. And so I think it brought him back to a point where I was with an ex where I was trying to serve him papers for protection.”

Kenya claims filing for divorce was an emotional move

She then pivoted and said Marc’s decision to file for divorce was an emotional response.

“He felt like, ‘You’re treating me like someone you used to deal with…that you were trying to get rid of.’ So I knew it was an emotional reaction,” Kenya expressed.

She added, “24 hours later he withdrew the action and the filing.”

Ultimately, Kenya claimed she knew Marc didn’t really want a divorce at that time.

“I knew that it was because he was hurt not because he really wanted a divorce,” Kenya shared.

As for the alimony, Kenya chalked that up to New York state legalities.

“He was not asking for alimony. It was just simply the way that New York filings are,” Kenya explained.

Kenya’s meeting with her lawyer did not go as planned

Even though Kenya was calm, cool, and collected during the After Show, she seemed caught off guard when she met with her attorney.

Kenya was met with a surprise from her attorney when she came back from her South Carolina girls’ trip.

“You just told me that he poured out his heart and soul and then he pulls a stunt. Yesterday, I received this from Mr. Daly,” her attorney revealed as he handed her divorce papers from Marc.

“He filed for divorce?” Kenya asked seemingly shocked.

“He’s asking for alimony from you,” he added.

“No he’s– no he’s not, no he’s not,” Kenya expressed emphatically.

Kenya seemed to be taken back by Marc’s decision to file for divorce and ask for money in the moment. However, after reflecting, Kenya seemed to rationalize the situation.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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