Kenya Moore admits her behavior towards actress Kim Fields on RHOA was wrong

RHOA star Kenya Moore acknowledges her wrong behaviors towards Kim Fields.
Kenya Moore admits to unkind treatment towards Kim Fields. Pic credit: Bravo

With the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta underway, Kenya Moore is reflecting on some of her less-than-favorable moments.

She specifically looked back on Season 8 when she seemed to have an ongoing feud with actress Kim Fields. The cause of their beef was never truly solidified at the time. Whatever the issue was, it prevented the ladies from bonding the entire season.

Now that some time has passed, Kenya is ready to own up to her role in their disagreements.

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Kenya Moore admits to not being nice to Kim Fields

Kenya recently talked with the popular blog channel, Brough Chat. She discussed her time while filming with Kim and acknowledged some things she regrets.

One particular clip was mentioned that Kenya addressed. Before the full video could even play, she showed instant regret, saying, “I don’t like this clip; I wasn’t being very nice.” She was referring to an incident involving Kim.

The video showed the group out for dinner, and Kenya and Kim appeared to have a disagreement that was beginning to heat up.

Hoping to avoid things getting out of hand, Kim attempted to shut down the conversation, which led Kenya to walk over and pull Kim’s chair from the table while she was still sitting. She can be heard saying, “Let me pull your chair for you.”

Kim immediately stands up and walks away, saying, “You are really a piece of work,” as the other ladies are heard in the background expressing their disapproval of Kenya’s actions.

When the clip was over, Kenya agreed that she was out of line for her behavior. She said, “She’s right; I was disrespecting her space. I regret that I even pulled her chair.”

She went on to say, “I was completely wrong for pulling her chair because it could have escalated, it could have gone somewhere else, and it’s just not the right thing to do.”

Kim Fields was not a good fit for RHOA

Although Kenya admitted to not being kind, it wasn’t the only issue Kim ran into during her time on the show.

The actress, who has a more quiet and reserved personality, did not have a smooth transition into the franchise. She was not interested in arguing, fighting, or being involved in any drama. And while that isn’t necessarily a problem, it just made her appear to be an outsider amongst the cast.

Kim admitted she didn’t go on the show to fit in with the others. She seemed more interested in simply trying something new and gaining the experience. She did make some connections while filming, revealing that she and Cynthia Bailey had become friends. However, it wasn’t enough to bring her back, and after one season, she left the show.

Kenya remains part of the main cast since joining in Season 5. She is currently focused on raising her daughter and attempting to co-parent with her estranged husband, Marc.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7 on Bravo.

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