Kendall Long gets support from Jacqueline Trumbull, didn’t know Joe Amabile was going to propose to Serena Pitt

kendall long and jacqueline trumbull smiling together
Kendall Long and Jacqueline Trumbull smiling together. Pic credit: @trumbullina/Instagram.

Kendall Long took a virtual internet beating after the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, with the majority of Bachelor Nation criticizing her for ruining Joe Amabile’s proposal to Serena Pitt. Many viewers of the show felt like Kendall had no reason to return, and was trying to steal the moment from Joe and his new love.

However, Jacqueline Trumbull, Kendall’s friend, fellow Bachelor alum, and apparent mouthpiece, has come out in her defense by coming down on the producers of BIP.

Those pesky producers are always editing people in a bad light! It’s as if they are actually trying to make money from this show rather than putting the feelings of the contestants first.

Jacqueline Trumbull claimed Kendall Long got a bad edit on BIP

On November 3, Jacqueline appeared on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast, defending her friend from the edit she received. She claimed Kendall “had not gone on (the show) to date Joe.” Yeah, sure, we totally believe that.

For those who need a reminder, Kendall and Joe both showed up to Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise this season and Kendall stared Joe down like she was ready to boil his bunny on the stove while he connected with Serena Pitt. Kendall eventually eliminated herself after realizing it was too difficult to see Joe with another girl and that he was not interested in getting back together with her.

Kendall and Joe met in 2018 during season 5 of BIP, and dated for 2 years before splitting. They claimed it had a lot to do with living in different places, and neither wanting to move for the other.

Jacqueline (still speaking for Kendall apparently) said it was a “very special” place to both of them. She believes Kendall didn’t want to see Joe go back to a place that had so much meaning to them and create something else, she wanted for them to “reclaim it together instead of one of them going and kind of sullying the memory of that.”

Jacqueline said she was “upset to see the edit so clearly make it look like she was trying to get him back.” But, was it the edit? Or was it Kendall returning to Mexico, hoping she could get back a guy she had dropped like a bad habit.

Jacqueline claimed Kendall didn’t know Joe was proposing

She claimed Kendall didn’t know Joe and Serena were getting engaged, saying, “I was just really upset by the people dragging her for coming on the proposal day because she didn’t know he was getting engaged that day.” Well, that makes sense, nobody ever gets engaged during the finale of a Bachelor show.

You may be wondering what Joe thought about the whole thing; turns out he found it a little confusing. On October 6, he told Us, “The timing, I would say, wasn’t the best. I was just really focused on Serena and getting to that moment. I had a ring in my back pocket. So it was more like, ‘OK, I get that you’re here, you know, I wish you the best, but it’s not the time. Now is not the time.'”

Ouch! It’s safe to say Grocery Store Joe has clearly moved on. Spill on aisle 12! Oh, it’s okay, it’s just Kendall’s tears.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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