Kendall Jenner wins Halloween with sassy Toy Story costume

Kendall Jenner close up
Kendall Jenner stuns in a skimpy Toy Story costume to celebrate Halloween. Pic credit: ©

Kendall Jenner rang in Halloween in the best costume category for her version of Jessie from Toy Story.

While this is certainly a children’s classic, Kendall’s costume was anything but kiddie as she took the animated cowgirl doll and put her own adult twist on it.

It all went down on Saturday night as Kendall and her friends partied in honor of 818 — not the famous area code but Kendall’s tequila brand that is making its mark all over reality TV, even causing quite a stir on the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

For her sexy-yet-cute version of this classic costume, Kendall sported long red braids under a red cowboy hat with white stitching. Jessie’s infamous cowgirl top was turned into a tight crop top that perfectly showed off Kendall’s killer abs.

The bottom of the costume is where things start to get risque. Kendall wore a pair of bikini-cut denim shorts that fit her snugly and paired them with a leather belt and big buckle. Then, she added a pair of cow-print chaps to perfect her rendition of the Disney character.

She captioned, the photo, “well aren’t you just the sweetest space toy.”

Kendall Jenner goes big for 818 Tequila

As a reality TV star and one of social media’s biggest influencers, Kendall Jenner has been going hard for her liquor brand, 818 Tequila.

The Kardashians star even threw a big 818 Halloween party, where she wore the Jessie costume, and it was attended by some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, including Kim Kardashian, Normani, Sommer Ray and Olivia Rodrigo.

The new tequila brand hit the market with a bit of controversy behind it but despite that, it’s quickly become one of the most popular brands out, which is doing wonders for Kendall’s bottom line.

Kendall Jenner stuns in tight dress to rep her brand

Despite having her hands in multiple projects, including being one of the famous faces for Jimmy Choo, Kendall Jenner goes hard for 818 tequila.

In fact, she wore quite an eye-popping dress to promote the brand’s special edition Eight Reserve, which comes in an iconic white bottle shaped like the number 8.

To get the word out, Kendall slipped into a slinky cutout dress that cleverly covered her chest and other sensitive areas, leaving open the entirety of her abs, which looked perfectly tanned and toned for the promo.

The luxury liquor is said to be smooth and sweet, but a bottle of Kendall’s special spirits will set you back a cool $200.

The Kardashians is currently streaming on Hulu with new episodes every Thursday.

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