Kendall Jenner stuns in purple for latest Jimmy Choo show off

Kendall Jenner gazes into the camera.
Kendall Jenner struck a pose in purple. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kendall Jenner highlighted her stunning figure in a purple dress for a Jimmy Choo photoshoot.

Jimmy Choo may sell designer shoes and bags, but Kendall’s dress is definitely worth mentioning. The model was breathtaking in the strapless pastel purple dress that hugged her body, featured a plunging neckline, and cropped at the thighs.

Of course, the pointed stiletto heels were right on par. They matched the purple dress and included a shiny gold chain wrapped around her ankle.

The purse also featured a long gold chain for the strap, which was a perfect call back to the heels. The small bag was the same pastel purple, and the reality star wore it to perfection.

Kendall’s dark hair flowed in a lovely waterfall down her back, and her makeup was beautiful. Her makeup included light rosy cheeks and glossy pink lips.

The businesswoman struck three daring poses and made sure to credit Jimmy Choo.

Kendall Jenner models for Jimmy Choo

This wasn’t Kendall’s first time promoting Jimmy Choo, as she often models for the designer footwear brand.

The brunette beauty posted a stunning look to Instagram to promote Jimmy Choo, and it’s clear that the brand is lucky to have her on board.

Kendall posed poolside in high-waisted black shorts. She paired this with a long, open black blazer and a strong, unwavering gaze.

Of course, she placed her feet forward so the camera could fully capture the Jimmy Choo shoes. The chunky white sneakers contrasted perfectly with the black outfit and looked great beside the blue pool.

If Jimmy Choo weren’t already thrilled with having Kendall model for the brand, that would surely change with the promotion. It earned millions of likes and countless comments.

Kendall Jenner is the Creative Director for FWRD

Kendall has made strides in her career, but she isn’t the type to ever slow down. In addition to her busy life and schedule, she is the Creative Director for FWRD.

FWRD is an online luxury fashion brand from top designers. According to Fashionista, Kendall reported when she took the position, “I grew up loving fashion and have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant people in this business.”

She continued, “As FWRD’s Creative Director, I am excited to help curate the site’s offering with emerging designers and brands.”

The socialite has run with her position and seems to be loving it. She posted a series of photos to Instagram in a stunning white dress to promote the brand. It earned well over 4,000,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Kendall is the fashion-forward type, and FWRD is lucky to have her.

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