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Kendall Jenner shows off crazy curves for exclusive party

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is showing off her own figure-eight as she promotes sales for 818 Tequila. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila has been steadily growing since she launched it in 2021 and she recently promoted the brand using her modeling skills.

As with any brand, new developments, changes, and products are required to keep a business growing, and Kendall has a new bottle coming in September.

In a statement, Kendall revealed the launch of Eight Reserve by 818, described as “an ultra-premium Anejo Reserve.”

The new reserve was developed in Jalisco, Mexico, where her distillery is, and is a blend of one-year-old Anejo and additional aged Anejos, which could be aged up to eight years.

The blend “creates a level of complexity, softness and depth rarely experienced in Tequila.” The new blend is meant to “be enjoyed neat while celebrating life’s special moments.”

The launch is a special moment indeed for the brand, as the promotional photos show the bottles in the shape of the curvy number eight and Kendall showing off her curves as well.

Kendall Jenner arches back to promote Eight Reserve by 818 launch and sales

Kendall shared a snap of herself holding the Eight Reserve by 818 above her head as she posed with her hip out, possibly imitating the way dancing looks.

She appears to be slightly pressed up against a clear pane and the image is blurred, producing an effect similar to a steamy window.

She wrote, “I’m so excited to introduce Eight Reserve by 818. Our new Añejo Reserve lands September 19. Learn more and pre-order now at”

Though 818 Tequila is an award-winning brand now, Kendall has received backlash in regards to the Jalisco community where her distillery operates.

Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila gives back to the local community

Right after she launched 818, Kendall was accused of taking advantage of Mexican culture and profiting off of the hard work of the native farmers.

However, she revealed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that part of her mission is to benefit the Jalisco community and give back.

Kendall said that part of the company’s goals was to be aware and environmentally friendly.

She continued, “At our distillery, which I was just at the other day, we found a way to take the agave waste — the agave fibers and the water waste — and build this sustainable brick that we are actually donating back to the community of Jalisco.”

818 Tequila is also partnered with 1% For the Planet, so 1% of the profits go to “planet-saving initiatives.”

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