Kendall Jenner shares fun bedroom clips to say ‘gnight’

Kendall Jenner poses at a DKNY event.
Kendall Jenner showed off with some bedroom selfies. Pic credit: ©

Kendall Jenner looked to be having a fun time as she posed for a series of snaps before going to bed.

The 27-year-old brunette and famous member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan showed off her modeling and posing skills before hitting the sack, and the starlet looked as amazing as always.

Starting things off with a short video clip, Kendall made sure the mood was mellow by using soft yellow and orange lighting above and behind her.

The Forbes-proclaimed World’s Highest Paid Model in 2017 may have been using filters for her video as the hues shifted somewhat rapidly, going from muted sunshine tones to peachy lavenders.

Kendall appeared to be saying something, but no sound could be heard as she lightly tousled her long hair and leaned in close to the camera.

The next clip showed Kendall striking a pose next to her bed while clad in lacy black lingerie.

Kendall Jenner poses in the bedroom

Holding her phone to the side of her face, which seemed to be made up fairly heavily with mascara, lipstick, and foundation, Kendall employed the use of a vintage-looking mirror for her session, with glimpses of the mirror’s mottled surface visible on the sides of the frame.

Kendall showed off her fit physique in the bedroom attire as she stuck out her hips from one side to the other for added effect.

Her third snippet had Kendall showing herself from the belly button up as she covered her bare chest with a draped arm.

The model gave a slight toss of her hair to show that she was wearing a pair of sparkling earrings, the only added adornments.

Kendall returned to her lingerie-clad pose next, giving a better look at the large teardrop rocks that decorated her earlobes.

Making it clear with her most recent post that she knows how to work the lens, Kendall also clearly has a good exercise routine down in order to keep her model body in shape for the runway.

Kendall Jenner shares her fitness secrets

As reported by PEOPLE, Kendall has dialed in her workout to ensure she hits all the muscle groups she needs to in a short amount of time.

“If I’m traveling or don’t feel like leaving my house, these are all the moves I try to get in — in just 11 minutes!” she proclaimed.

Making the moves easily accessible to anyone at home, Kendall shared that she starts off with a forearm plank, which she holds for 30 seconds.

Next, she moves onto a 30-second high plank, keeping her fingers spread out and the shoulders lined up above the wrists.

Kendall then goes into 15-second side planks and single arm/leg planks, adding five reps on each side of side crunches.

The model rounds out her workout with standard, bicycle, vertical, and frog crunches while hitting rocking planks, leg lifts, and twisted crunches to finish off her set.

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Hulu.

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